Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sis Tanto
One of the prophesy is joy of harvest. I have been sowing and ask God to be able to testify especially in the church project. We closed our account with my husband and gave it for the church project and later a man gave us five times the amount we gave.
Sis Faith
I want to thank God for protection in my live and family. I was sick and water was coming out from my body. But God healed me; this was when I was five years old. Now I am 21 and have never been sick. God also healed my twin brother and my mother.
Bro Kingne Gedeon
I thought with my transfer to Bafang I will not be able to catch up with my lessons in the Bible College, but I was distinguished as the best Francophone student in the Bible College. I thank God for this.
Bro Isaac
I am happy for what God has done in my life. Especially the Thursday meeting as the pastor gave prayer topics, I prayed before coming to church. I deposited my document somewhere and the man gave me the work even though there were many people more qualified.
Sis Emilienne Nkeyak Ngosoma
I want to thank God for strength and means especially His safety as God has never allowed me to fall in the hands of thieves as I travelling to the North even at school. Thank god for my husband and my mother and for every one.
Sis Rose
I thank God for healing my children who have always been ill. Last anointing service I had the handkerchief that was anointed during the service I prayed and laid it on the child who has been constantly sick and since that day the child is fine I give God the glory.
Bro Emmanuel
Six of seven months ago I was sent abroad to work. The person who made my visa made a mistake. When I went they told me I could not continue to use the passport but have to change it. I went to the consul office in Douala. Some thing happened lent there was confusion in the place; this was because God wanted to do me a favour. Later I was given a resident visa by the consul


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