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“The Lord of host has sworn saying, surely as I have thought so it shall come to pass and as I purposed so it shall stand. That I will break the Assyrian in my land and on my mountains tread him underfoot. Then his yoke shall be removed from their shoulders. This is the purpose that is purposed against the whole earth. And this is the hand that is stretched out over all the nations. For the lord of host has purposed. And who will annul it. His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back” (Isa 14:24-27)

God’s outstretched hand is like a two edged sword which can make or mar a man, or nation. His hand stretched forth can build up or pull down strongholds, keep or scattered defend or destroyed depending on what He has purpose to do with the situation/person concern. God’s outstretched hand is loaded with divine power and any time he stretch his hand towards a person, or situation, his supper divine power is diffused to such person or situation to carry out what is in His mind to accomplish. It is my prayer as you read this message that God will stretch out his hand towards you, your family, career, business or to destroy yokes bring mighty deliverance, elevation and amazing miracles in your life in Jesus name.

His hand shall be visible upon your life, every evil hand; mark will be removed and destroyed in Jesus name. Heaven will place his mark of favour upon your head by God’s mighty outstretched arm.

In the scripture quoted above, the Assyrian for long oppressed, afflicted, and enslaved the children of Israel. The bible says they occupied the land, the inheritance, took possession of the children of Israel possession and they (Israel) could not lift any hand against them, they could not raise their voices they gave up for failure and defeat. But God in heaven at the fullness of time arose to fight their battles for them. This day, this season the almighty God will arise on your behalf stretch his hand against your enemies (visible or invisible, known or unknown) many or few and they shall be completely overthrow uprooted and rendered powerless in Jesus name.

When god stretch out his hand to the sick, the reproached, abandoned, rejected, isolated, despised, impoverished, the story of that person automatically must changes. Every unpleasant situation in your life in this season is changed turned around by God’s mighty outstretched arm in Jesus name.
In Matthew 8:2-3, Jesus touched a leprous man his leprosy was cleansed, became a celebrity, his honour and dignity in the family, church and society was restored. Your honour peace, glory dignity position shall likewise be restored to you now in Jesus name.

“And behold a leper came and worship Him saying “Lord if you are willing you can make me clean” Then Jesus put out his hand and touched him, saying I am willing be cleansed immediately his leprosy was cleansed” (Matthew 8:2-3)

Jesus Christ touch can make every evil spell evil or Satanic make dropped off, stain to drop off, incurable sickness and disease to drop, flow of evil trend against your destiny to dry up. Jesus carries the touch of power that can make whole or clean (1John 3:8)

The divine touch of God can make you to out grow and overcome your limitation. The magnetic power of God from His outstretched hand is capable of reversing the irreversible; bring about the restoration of lost blessing. This season the Lord will restore back to you lost opportunity and blessing in multiple folds, they shall flow back to you in Jesus name (2Kings 6:1-7).

When God stretches his hand against your enemy, their end has definitely come no matter what weapons they carry, their numerical strength is nit a problem to God. God stretch his hand against pharaoh his chariots and horses, they were all drowned.

“Your right hand O’ Lord has become glorious in power; your right hand O Lord has dashed the enemy in pieces. Your stretch out your right hand, the earth swallowed them” (Exo 15:6; 12).

In this season all your enemies visible or invisible, few or many, know or unknown are in for terrible surprise because God will stretch his hand against them for destruction in Jesus name. All the stubborn pursuers, who did not want you to reach your God ordained destiny shall be totally broken into pieces right now in Jesus powerful name.

When God stretch his hand, He opened every closed doors against his beloved, God through Moses outstretch hand caused the sea to go back a strong east wind all the night and made the sea into dry land and the waters were divided for the children of Israel to cross over to the place of the rich fulfilment, a large flowing with milk and honey (Eox 14:21). Right now I want you to make a decree that any blockage be it physical or spiritual on your path way to progress, to fruitfulness, to prosperity peace etc to give way by God’s mighty outstretch hand. I decreed that every door of goodness, mercy, favour, blessing fruitfulness closed against you be opened now by God’s powerful hand.

At the stretching forth of Jehovah’s hand to the dead, the dead come alive, the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hears. Now I see God stretching his glorious and powerful upon your womb, dead organs of your body, business, ministry, career, profession and given them live in Jesus name.

Crippled life destiny, marriage ministry receive the life giving power from God’s hand to rise and walk, rise and live to bring glory to God.

God is willing and ready to demonstrate the awesomeness of His power by His outstretched hand on your behalf at any time in every situation to bring salvation and deliverance to you, therefore you must ensure you are walking uprightly before, serving Him with a loyal heart not taking with sin or any thing that does please God.

Total surrender your life to him; live in holiness and purity of heart and clearness of hands before God at all times.

“Behold the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor his ears heavy that it can not hear; but your iniquities have separated you from your God. And your sins have hidden His face from you. So that He will not hear” (Isa 59:1-2)

1. Lord deliver and keep me away from doing what can make me see the wrath of your outstretched hand.

2. Lord stretch your glorious hand to save, deliver and bless me and that is mine in Jesus name.

Pst Isaac


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