Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Two of God’s names are “FAITHFUl” and “TRUE”. He is called faithful because He is reliable and has the ability to fulfill His promises. (Revelation 19:11; Deut.7:6-9). All His promises are YES and AMEN. They are certain. (II Corinthians 1:20).

Therefore every promise God has made to you must be fulfilled as long as you continue to abide in Him and be faithful to Him.

This Faithful and True God’s promise to you for this month of July is to disengage and disentangle you from all evil engagements and entanglements. This Almighty God is real, exact, straight, accurate, unchanging but He changes situations.

He demands certain reactions from you before He will disengage you from evil engagements. And they are: Look on Him, Ask, Seek and Knock. These are three (3) levels of prayer, Have pure faith, don’t concentrate on the waves and be conscious that you have been equipped by God to speak and declare positively to the situation you are in. Please, don’t take that unpleasant situation for your portion.

The same God who delivered Daniel from the lion’s den and the three (3) Hebrew men from the fiery furnace will deliver you and set you free. What a miracle! It doesn’t matter your own fiery furnace or lion’s den as you will manifest pure faith, He will give you a tangible miracle this month in Jesus name.

July is the month of perfection and it shall be so for you.

What He did for Peter in Acts 12:7 - 10, He will do for you in Jesus’ name. You will receive a divine touch from the Faithful and True God and every chain will fall off from your wrists and ankles. You will be clothed with a beautiful garment of glory, power, riches etc no more nakedness for you all round about your life in Jesus name. Every gate and door you will knock will be opened to you of their own accord in Jesus’ name. No more embargo.

Gaze on the LORD Jesus now, magnify Him in your situation, He will absorb the problems and you will be free in Jesus’ name.

Now according to Job.22:28 go ahead and declare what you want for your life, family, career, destiny etc this month and the Faithful and True God will accomplish it.

God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I heard about the building project at Montée Jouvence and purposed in my heart to sow into the project. I did not really have much but I sowed and God blessed me far beyond my seed. My husband had need of fees in 48 hours and I sowed another seed and God provided the needed finances in 24 hours. He is a faithful God. Sr Claudia.

I thank God for saving me from a ghastly motor accident onthe Douala - Yaoundé road around Puma, precisely. I was driving with 4 missionaries in the car and suddenly dosed off and the vehicle was moving into the forest. Thank God nobody was hurt and we had no flat tyre as well. We arrived Yaoundé savely. Br Martin.