Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I want to thank God for his goodness and for his work in my life and in the life of my family.

Sometime ago, God gave me two prayer points. I prayed that every gathering against my life be scattered. I want to thank him because after that time, I had a dream and I found myself in front of the stature at Mvolye. There, I found a dress I had thrown a long time ago. Around the dress were found other things that had been burnt but my dress was not burnt. I want to thank God because he delivered me.

God also delivered me from the Spirit of blindness. The Spirit of death has been pursuing my family because of some activity my mother did in the past. She wrote our names on a paper and put it under our grand mother’s grave. Since then the spirit of death has been speaking against my family. The Lord delivered us.

Sister Evelyn

I want to thank God for my life and for the life of others who travelled with me during our trip to Bakassi. It was very tiring and was full of danger but I am happy to be back despite the experiences.

While on my way back to Yaounde, I met an accident scene and I thank God because I helped a wounded woman whom they took to the hospital.

Brother Randy

Je veux rendre grâce à Dieu premièrement pour mon mari parce qu’il a été transféré au Nigéria. Mais avant de voyager, il avait été appelé à faire certain examen de laboratoire dans un hôpital et de l’envoyer à leur compagnie ou société Shell. Il a reçu une lettre avec une promotion trois fois que celui qu’il a eu au Cameroun

Je veux rendre grâce a Dieu deuxièmement pour ce qu’il a fait. Je suis allée à un enterrement mais fut appelé pour une urgence puisque un enfant souffrais d’une suffocation. Je l’ai transportée pour l’hôpital mais avant d’y arriver, l’enfant était mort mais j’ai appelée la maman de cette enfant pour qu’on puisse prier. On a prié pour l’enfant et il a commencé à respirer à nouveau. Je ne pouvais pas penser un seul instant que Dieu pouvais œuvrer à travers moi pour accomplir une tel chose. Dieu accorde l’honneur à sa parole que toute autre choses.

Sœur Flora Mbag

J’ai voyagé pour Lagos le premier Août. J’avais une autocollante ou une étiquette de l’Eglise Chrétienne de Racheté sur ma veste et l’officier de l’immigration le voyant m’ajouter 21 jour sur les 08 qui m’avais été donné. Louange au Seigneur !

Frère Emmanuel Mbag

This day is a special day for me. I thank God for his goodness in my life, my family and my wife. This year, God gave my wife a job and lifted her in this job. Concerning the pledges I made, God has rewarded me 20 times from what I had. God has located me. God has blessed me with a scholarship to study abroad. Praise the Lord!!!

Brother Eric

I am giving thanks to God for Journey mercies for my husband and for taking care of me and my family back at home. God has not forgotten his children. I thank God for my younger brother. The last time I saw him was 11 years ago and he is the first family member to visit us in CameroonCameroon i.e. 10 years ago. God will remember your family. since we came to

A/P Margaret Bamikole

I want to thank God for his goodness. I had 6 people in the house who were on holidays and out of the 6, two of them were asthmatic. I prayed for them using the mantle given to me during Pastor Adeboye’s visit and they are whole. I thank God secondly for promotion since I have been transferred to Douala.

Sister Cormella Diale

I thank God for the pastor and the wife and for answered prayers. I had problems with my younger sister, I made peace with her. She has been married for 12 years with no child. I offered prayers for her; I had a revelation that she was not barren. I thank God that she gave birth to a baby girl last week i.e., the last week of August. But before, the doctors had said she will undergo a caesarian operation before giving birth but thank God she did not. Praise the Lord!!!

Sister Martha

I want to thank God for open doors in my family. People bless us. We had to buy a piece of land for 2.5million but we bought it for 700 000 frs. We made some series of prayers in our school and were appointed to mark certain concours which were reserved for some people. I also thank God for what He will do in my family.

Sister Marie.

I always pray to God for change of story in my family. I thank God for He always made a way for me during trials and for giving me joy in my life. I thank God equally for the success in the exams of my brother.

Sister Indas

Je rends grâce à Dieu pour la paix. J’ai changée puisque j’étais toujours en colère. Maintenant, je ne me mets plus en colère facilement. Je rends grâce à Dieu parce que j’ai perdu beaucoup d’argent quand je suis allé au marché mais je sais que cet argent n’est pas plus que l’amour de Dieu dans ma vie. Je rends grâce également à Dieu car je sais qu’il va le restaurer.

Sœur Virginie

I thank God because He is wonderful. I gave a prayer request at the “Good women” to pray for my mother but later at night, I received a phone call that she was very sick. I taught my mother how to pay her tithes and now well, she fellowships with the Presbyterian Church. I believe that her control at the hospital will go well because her whole system was down.

Sister Rose

Friday, September 12, 2008


Successful people use time management to achieve excellent results. The key to time management is to realise that one cannot possibly do everything that there is to do. Instead, one has to decide how to spend the limited amount of time available to one each day.

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activities, but achieve very little because they are not concentrating on the right things. At the heart of the subject is a simple but obvious focus- one has to concentrate on results not on being busy!

Time management is more than just managing time. It is managing oneself in relation to time. It is setting priorities and taking charge of the situation and time utilisation. It is changing those practises or activities that may cause a waste of time.

It is being able to try different methods to maximise the use of time. Like all human beings, business especially small and growing ones, should take into consideration that time is constant and irreversible and nothing can be substituted for it.

Time once wasted can never be regained. Time keeps getting away and it is difficult to control it. Yet, time needs to be affectively managed to be effective. According to Mr. Christopher Gardner, an international businessman, who was brought to Nigeria by MTN Xtrapro, success in time management is measured by the quality of one’s work and personal life. He says maintaining professionalism in work or business also means making efficient use of one’s time by avoiding the use of productive business time for other personal activities.

He maintains that time should be used to develop professional relationships, adding that professional relationships are keys to reaping enormous business dividends. Gardner points out that there is the need to develop a personal sense of time, that is keeping a record of how one’s time is actually spent on various activities, nothing that time is well managed if things that ought to run smoothly are doing so and the desired goals are achieved.

“Organise your office work, choose a time to get certain tasks through, such as answering emails, working on a project or completing paper work; and then sticking to it everyday. “Manage your workload. Every time you agree to do something else, something else will not get done,” he says:

According to the business icon, large tasks should be broken up into a series of small tasks. Plan your activities- schedule a regular time to plan your activities. If time management is important to you, then allow the time to plan it wisely.

The General Manager, Consumer Market, MTN, Mr Kola Oyeyemi says “In an environment like ours, where there is a lot of challenges facing businesses, especially those at their growing stage, businesses should be productive and informative in the least amount of time considering the level of competitiveness in the market place.

A motivational speaker, Mr Andrew Osho says as one move up the corporate ladder, he will find that time is limited; therefore, it is time to delegate tasks.

For small businesses, he explains that entrepreneurs should begin the process by identifying the employees that can be trusted and delegate small tasks to test how they handle those activities. He says “if they are successful, gradually increase the tasks you assign to them and keep track of their results. There is the need for proper time management. “There is always a way to shave off a bit of time by grouping similar activities and doing them in one bit. “How many times have you got to the end of your day and felt like you have accomplished nothing even though you have been “busy” all day?” he says the ability to tell oneself the truth and in turn make up for lapses , remains the beginning of productive time management. According to Oyeyemi, businesses should reserve their most valuable time for the most intellectually demanding activities, with the intermediate value time spent on important tasks that do not require quite the same level of concentration. He adds that low-value time should be reserved for activities that do not require much in the way of concentration. Osho further says, “if you run your own business from home, however, effectively structuring your time in terms of peak, intermediate and low-concentration blocks can make a profound impact on your productivity if you use that time intelligently.”

According to Gardner, “when identifying what you have to fit in to your schedule, think about all areas of your life. Making time for yourself is not something that you get around to only if there is time left over. Making time for yourself is as much a priority as anything else.”

Organigramme : Alternative: TIPS AT A GLANCE v SET YOUR BUSINESS GOALS v FOLLOW YOUR PASSION v STAY FOCUSED v ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITIES v UTILISE OPPORTUNITIES AS THEY COMEA good way of identifying activities that should be included in your schedule is to test them against the criteria of furtherance of an objective. If the activity does nothing to further any objective, why are you even doing it?







Culled from the Punch; 13 August 2008