Sunday, November 09, 2008


In John 15v 16, Jn 1036 The Bible says you are a child of Destiny. You’ve been chosen, called equipped, prepared and sent to fulfill your God given assignment in your world. Your redemption was not an accident but purposeful. You’ve been set apart and sanctified to fulfill Destiny. In this season the God in you will begin to manifest as from now henceforth. For you’ve been leaded with great supernatural powers. Sing along a long with me this prophetic song in Jesus “Born to win, born to reign in life, I am not an ordinary person, I am destined for greatness”. You are born; come to earth to win, reign, and be great and it shall be your portion. You will be a voice and not an echo. He’s giving your life, destiny a turn around from minimum to maximum (Gn 41v44, 39v21-22)
The Circumstances that surround your birth is not a barrier for you it’s a stepping stone to fulfill destiny. Moses is a good example. Born I affliction, bondage but God chose him to bring a perfect charge to the ration Israel in his time. You are unique; you’ll be a terror to all your enemies. You are for signs and for wonders here on earth. He will make you a wonder to your world.
There are things you need to do to fulfill Destiny
 Be conscious that you are special; you have a mission to fulfill.
 Walk in the reality that God’s presence, power and authority is with you.
 Live a life of Holiness, total obedience and submission to the Lord and his word.
Any where you’ve been rejected in the past you shall be accepted in Jesus name.
It’s time for you to fulfill Destiny. At your appearance your enemies will see and hear God and not you and you’ll be a shinning star for Him.
Expecting your testimony


In 2Corinthians 5v7; The Bible says now that you are united with Christ by faith, you are a brand new man. You really need in this season to have the understanding of your status, person so that you can function thus.
Your mind, attitude about Jesus must equally choose. You cannot relate to God beyond the revelation of God that you have. As you have this foundational revelation then the ability and the power to do great things will be imparted to you.
You’ve been saved to glory, victory, success, to be a salt, alight for health, prosperity lead ship. As a brand new man you are for blessings.
You need to imbibe the word of God into your life, say what his word says about you such as growth lifting up. As a brand new person you need to ascend to his holy hill with pure heart then you’ll receive vindication you need to walk by faith and not by sight. Righteousness and holiness must mark your life and this will make you to be celebrated put you on top. Your life will become attracted, lovely and you will migrate souls into God’s kingdom. It’s your season of manifestation.
Go forth and perform miracles signs and wonders to the glory of God. Satan has been put under your souls. It’s not going to be by power, might but it’s going to be by the spirit of the Lord. Remember every moment that you are a brand new man. Function in your new status.


Brother Kenneth
I thank God for my integration into the public service. Even though I did not apply for integration 292 of us were taken. I am with the ministry of forestry where I have been working as a temporaral worker. I thank God for this.

Sister Manah
I want to thank God for deliverance. My two colleagues gave their life to Jesus. One of them who was epileptic stood by the word and was delivered. I also thank God that they were integrated into the public service. I am also thanking God for the pastor and the wife; I had a spirit of sturbondness but I now I have been integrated with the fruits of the spirit in my life.

Sister Claudia
I thank God during last solution night, my mother called me that my father left me an in heritance. I thank God for this. I had some difficulties but I called on God to remove the mountain on my path and make provisions for me. I thank God because after the solution night I went home and realized my sister had come visiting and she left me some money even in my absence.


So he answered and said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. Who are you, O Great Mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall bring forth the capstone. With shouts of “Grace, grace to it”. (Zachariah 4:6-7)
For everyone, God has given divine assignment or work to accomplish on earth, there will be situations that will pose themselves s great mountains between this individual and the ultimate or divine will of God.
A mountain could be an obstruction to fulfill destiny, such obstructions are always great for a person that has a great destiny to fulfill. This obstruction can be physical or spiritual. Mountains are synonymous to challenges barriers, hindrances, limitations, problems or difficulties. Mountains of life can be of various size, heights, magnitudes, expanse or gradient.
Many things can constitute itself in to a mountain in the life of a man for example fear, worry or anxiety. Worry or anxiety will make you to loss focus, confidence in the almightiness of God. Doubt or unbelief, ignorance, opposition from family, friends, society, environmental factors poverty, joblessness unfruitfulness etc can constitute themselves as a mountain in achieving God ordained plan and purpose in life.
Behind every mountain of life, there are forces or spirit(s) to contend with in order to level the mountain. No mountain is beyond being made plain or surmounted with the right attitude and action. Do not underestimate any mountain of life and be willing and ready to take actions that bring solutions at the appropriate time.
God called Zerubbabel to build a temple for Him, as a ruler, God told Zerubbabel it is not by military might, nor political prowess or human strength will he accomplish God’s work or task. God told Zerubbabel that in the process of building the temple, he will encounter great challenges that his military might and political powers will not be able to solve but his reliance on the Holy Spirit-power will only help him to do his work to a successful completion.
In Isaiah 31:3 the Bible says “Now the Egyptians are men and not God, and their horses are flesh and not spirit. When the LORD stretches out His hand, both he who helps will fall, and he who is helped will fall down they all will perish together.”
You cannot depend on the arm of the flesh to overcome the vital mountains of life. Gideon was overshadowed by the Spirit of the Lord to demolish household idolatry practices “demonic altar” standing against his destiny and that of the nation Israel (Judges 6:14, 33-34)
David was endued and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God before he could face the first mountain of his life hindering him from being publicly announced as the next king and leader of the nation Israel (I Samuel 17:45-51)
Our Lord Jesus Christ was filled with the Holy Spirit and power before going out to public ministry where he came face to face with opposition from the religious leaders of his time, demons, sickness and diseases of various kinds, and death. He overcame all his mountains and he was highly above all persons and things thereafter.
In the bid to accomplish your purpose in life, you will come across difficulties that seem as large as a mountain. Opposition orchestrated from the pit of hell must rise up, but in which ever way or form the mountain rise up against you, fear not because Jesus Christ has been before your mountain, so if you call on him, He will deal with the mountains. Before the mountains were brought forth or ever you had formed the earth and the world even from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.
So the almighty has been before your mountains were ever formed and so He is capable of proffering solution to it.
There are different approaches in dealing with mountains:

i) You can run away or turn your back to it as the children of Israel did in the wilderness when they were about entering the Promised Land “Why has the Lord brought us to this land to fall by the sword that our wives and children should become victims? Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?” (Numbers 14:3)

ii) You can walk round your mountain and do nothing about it, complaining and murmuring at the challenges or causes of the challenges or problems.

iii) You can climb on your mountain one step after the other to get to the top. (Matt.17:1)

iv) You can bore or cut through your mountain.

v) You can command the mountain to move or shift as you carry his presence and speak the Word of faith.(Mark.11:23; Psalms 114:4, 6)

vi) You can call down the fire of the Holy Spirit to melt the mountain as fire set twigs ablaze. (Isaiah 64:1-2)

vii) You can ask God for grace to take over your mountain and put it under your foot as Caleb asked Joshua to give him the mountain that was promised him by God through Moses.
viii) You can fly over your mountains as you wait on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31).
God is able to send you help to deal with your mountain in which ever way it is appropriate to Him. Turn to God for help (Psalms 121:1-2), exercise faith in God concerning the leveling of your mountain, face the mountain and speak the word of faith. Ask for divine authority from heaven and exercise this authority for Kings Rule and decree. Cultivate the presence of God and yield yourself to be a vessel to carry him around against every mountain.
It is our prayer that every mountain standing between you and your goal in life, as you read this message will not see the light of a new day.
Pastor Bamikole B Isaac