Friday, August 22, 2008


“He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love” (Colossians 1:13)

Christianity or following Jesus Christ is not just about going to church or being religious but it is a matter of being able to understand the kingdom of God, its value and living by it.

The ability or power to perceive the truth and making sound judgement about the rule, authority or dominion of Christ over the kingdoms especially the kingdom of men, the devil and that of God is very important to what you make out of life now and eternally.

Principally, there are two kingdoms- kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God, in this write up we shall be speaking on the Kingdom of God.

There are three phases to the Kingdom of God namely the Kingdom of Power, the Kingdom of Grace and the Kingdom of Glory.

a) The Kingdom of Power- this includes the entire universe and extends to every living thing, God controls the forces of nature and of nations. “The Lord God is the King of all the earth, praise with understanding(Ps.47:7). This is God coming into the world to assert his power, glory and right against Satan’s dominion and the present course of the world. It is more than salvation or the church but God expressing himself powerfully in all his works to put an end to crises and bring Satan and his forces to submission.

b) The Kingdom of Grace- this does not include all creatures but only those who have been born-again through the preaching of the gospel (Good news) (John 3:3-5). Repentance from sin and believe in Jesus Christ is the entry point to God’s Kingdom of Grace (Mark 1:15). Only true believers in Jesus Christ are citizens in the Kingdom. The kingdom is governed solely by God’s Word (Jesus Christ) Jesus asserted that He is a King and for this cause, He came to the world (Jn18:37). This kingdom is stronger than the Kingdom of this world. It has continued to grow, flourish in spite of bloody persecution, ridicule, disrupting heresies, science and other evil vices. This Kingdom will continue till the Lord returns. The unmerited love of God is that which is bringing people to His Kingdom. Acceptance of His divine grace by faith is what makes you to be a citizen of the Kingdom. It is the rule of Christ in the hearts of believers and in their midst. (Jn.14:23; Jn.20:22). The fullness of the Kingdom’s blessings is made manifest here- righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. God’s divine nature and creative power is imparted (II Pet.1:2-4). Every good gift and every perfect gift is given- wisdom from above, healing, deliverance, health, prosperity, success etc and is evidenced (Joshua 1:8; III Jn. 3:2).

c) The Kingdom of Glory- is not on earth but in heaven where Christ Himself shall be glorified. The fullness of His glory will be seen and enjoyed by the saints (Lk.24:26; Jn.17:5, 24). Those who are faithful to Him till death shall be crowned here with glory and honour. The souls of the believers enter in to the kingdom of glory at the time of death. (Lk.23:43; Math.25:34). Christ rules the Kingdom of power for the benefit of his kingdom of grace. The chief purpose of the kingdom of grace is to win and prepare men for the Kingdom of glory.

Evidence of a life God’s Kingdom is a life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Rom.14:17)


(1) Seek unceasingly God’s kingdom in all its manifestations, hunger and thirst for God’s presence and power in your life and in the Church. (Math.5:10; Math.6:33)

(2) The Kingdom is taken hold of only by forcefully breaking away from the sinful practices of the human race; turn to Christ, His word and His righteous way. Seek the kingdom in all its power. To experience the kingdom of heaven and all its blessings will require a fight of faith. (Math.11:12).

(3) The kingdom is for those who pray earnestly, no compromise with the world, love the Word, have strong spiritual hunger. It is for people like Joseph (Gen.39:9), Elijah (I Kg.18:21), Mordecai (Esther 3:4-5), Peter and John (Acts 4:19-20), Deborah (Judges 4:9), Ruth (Ruth 1:16-18), Lydia (Acts 16:14-15, 40).

The kingdom of God is for you to fully partake of as heir of the king and joint with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What Jesus Christ has access to in the kingdom, you have access to it as long as you obey in the same like manner like Jesus. If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the Land.


Pastor Bamikole B. Isaac.


Three years ago, I received a 4month old gift (my grand son) from the United States. Today, this gift is three years old.

It has not been easy but God has been taking care of us. Two days ago, he was ill and I doubted how I will give a testimony with a sick child. I used the mantle on him and he received his healing and here he is very healthy.

I give thanks to God for everything

Mummy Victorine.

This year has been a year of blessings for me. I depended on myself for my rents. As such, I will start keeping money from the beginning of the month because I didn’t want any confrontations with the landlady. This July, God surprised me. I had money for rents this July at home. On Thursday, the pastor said if any money comes to you, you should do God’s own first. So I decided to give out that money for my pledge and behold God worked it out his own way, Praise the Lord.

Sister Manah

I want to thank God for peace and for health and for keeping me up till this day. I also want to thank him for making it possible for me to succeed in my GCE this year because this is my third time of writing. I wrote twice when I was still in the world i.e., not yet born again and praise be unto Jesus because when I gave him my life, he granted me this joy. Glory be unto him forever.

Sister Mary

I want to thank God for His favour. I was amongst those who were chosen to attend a training programme in Nairobi, Kenya. I didn’t do any thing special but it was by the favour of God that I was selected. I had a safe trip and I am back and I also met a Cameroonian there who made my stay comfortable. Praise God!

Sister Julliet

I want to thank God for my family. My son has been suffering from gastric. We prayed and asked God to direct us to the right doctor. He did and now my son is fine. My mother died on the 26th of July. I want to thank God because she just slept off. We did not struggle or spend money on her. I also want to thank God for journey mercies to the village and back. I also want to thank God because two of my children made it in the GCE Advance and Ordinary levels. Praise the Lord!

Mummy Anjei

Since I gave my life to God, I have been struggling with a particular sin. After my water Baptism, I noticed that I was no longer struggling with that sin, that I had left it in the water. Blessed be his holy Name!

Brother Peter

I want to thank God for the great things He has been doing in my family. I have been swimming in the joy of a bouncing baby boy for about one month now. God has added my joy and that of my family because my sister-in-law and younger brother made it in the GCE Ordinary and Advance levels respectively. Praise the Lord!

Brother Randy Joe

God has been visiting my home and family. It has been my prayer that anybody around me should be a partaker of this great thing that God is doing for us.

We have a friend called Helen. We have talked to her about Christ and she did not yield. My wife even got wearied but I told her we needed to keep on praying for her. Yesterday Saturday, we went to visit her and she was speaking the same language with us. She has been converted and she is presently fellowshipping in a living church. Praise the Lord!

Brother Nso

I want to thank God for what he has done to a couple whom I met in 1996. They were childless and I sent a prayer point concerning them and last week when the lady called for me to come, I was glad to see her pregnant after so many years of barrenness.

I also want to thank God for using a friend of mine in America to bless me with just what I needed despite the fact that I did not tell her to send it.

Sister Cecilia

I want to thank God for divine health and for provision because despite the obstacles in life, he has always been there to see me through.

I want to also thank God for taking me to a higher spiritual level because at first when the devil afflicts me with a disease, I will command it violently “Come out” then God brought me to a higher level where when a disease is felt, I will look at it sternly and it will go but now, there is no more disease thus I want to praise God for that.

Brother Takang

Saturday, August 16, 2008


So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him male and female He created them, then God blessed them and God said to them “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth (Gen.1:27-28)

Fruitfulness, increase and multiplication is a command laden with blessings from the Lord God almighty for man especially those who have been redeemed by the precious blood of His son Jesus Christ. To be fruitful is to be successful, effective, producing fruit, producing good results, to prosper to be in plenty and abundance. God’s declaration is all-round fruitfulness for you because He himself is fruitful and you are created in his image and likeness. In your body is put the capacity for fruitfulness-physically, spiritually and materially because the almighty has pronounced the blessing of fruitfulness on you, so you shall be exceedingly fruitful in Jesus name. God is committed to man’s fruitfulness over the age. In Gen.9:1, God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them “be fruitful and multiply; and fill the earth.” God entered into a covenant of blessing, fruitfulness and multiplication with Abraham. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is committed to your fruitfulness and multiplication.

Fruitfulness is all-encompassing-body, soul and spirit.

Fruitfulness in your body-Abraham said LORD God what will you give me seeing I go childless? God replied him “your servants will not be your heir but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir” (Gen.15:2-6). God brought about the fulfilment of his Word in the life of Abraham, God told Sarah “at this appointed time-time of life, you will bring forth a son-Isaac-Laughter, and it was so, Isaac was brought forth (Gen.18:14). When you keep God’s covenant, the scripture says “And He will love you and bless you and multiply you. He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your land, your grain and your new wine and your oil the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flock in the land of which He swore to your fathers to give you(Deut.7:13).

Fruitfulness is the work of your hand, God says if you diligently obey his voice and observe to carefully do his commandments, “And the Lord will grant you plenty of goods in the fruit of your body, in the increase of your livestock and in the produce of your ground... and will bless all the works of your hand. You shall lend to the many nations, but you shall not borrow.” (Deut.28:11-12)

Fruitfulness Spiritually- Jesus says He has chosen us to bear fruits and for our fruit to abide, fruit of soul winning and bringing forth the fruit of the Spirit.

There are several factors that can provoke your fruitfulness:

1. God’s covenant: God told Abraham I will multiply you exceedingly. In Egypt, the children of Israel were fruitful and increased abundantly, multiplied and grew exceedingly mighty and the land was filled with them despite the oppression and slavery of pharaoh and Egypt. Fruitfulness is a function of God’s faithfulness to his oath, covenant and promises.

2. Obedience to God’s commandments: Deut.28:1-13

3. Offer quality service and worship daily unto the Lord and He will bless your water and bread etc Exo.23:25-26.

4. Be totally separated from sin, the wicked and mockers and be devoted to God and His Word. Psalms 1:1-3.

5. Get soaked in the anointing and the power of God daily (Acts 2:1-4, Acts 19:11).

6. Be devoted to a life of prayer and fasting. Isaac entreated God on behalf of Rebekah his wife and the yoke of barrenness was broken in their family. (Gen.25:21; I Sam.1:9-11; I Chron.4:9-10).

7. Walking consistently in the river of the Holy Spirit (Ezek.47:1-11; Gal.5:16). Die to self.

8. Be united and firmly connected to Christ and allow His Word to take root and grow in your heart. (Joshua 1:8, Jn.15:4, 7).

9. Be diligent, work hard to obtain good results as regard the work of your hand. Gen.26:12-13 Laziness will breed unfruitfulness in every area of your life.

10. Be an incurable sower and giver because it is the liberal soul that shall be made fat.

As you get rooted and established in Christ, your fruitfulness shall be noticed by all and you shall become a symbol of blessing to nations and in your generation.


May your testimony be outstanding


Glory be to God. I want to thank God because as children of God, every thing we declare will always come to pass. In 2004, when I met my father-in-law for the first time, we prayed that if he was to die, he should do so when we shall be financially stable. I want to thank God because God proved himself faithful. Secondly, I want to thank God for journey mercy despite the bad road because before we went, the road was good and after we just crossed the road on our return, we heard that the road behind had become worse and that it was raining seriously. I thank God equally for making it possible for my husband to handle his spiritual and physical assignments since he had an exam to defend and at the same time he had to prepare for a night programme entitled Solution Night. I thank God because haven given priority to the spiritual matters first, God honoured him by enabling him to be first amongst all who presented themselves. Glory be to God

Etongo Rosine

Je me sentais seul et je croyais que Dieu m’avait abandonnée. Je ne pouvais même plus l’entendre me parler et je n’assistais même plus au culte. J’ai malgré cela décidé d’assister au culte de La Nuit de Solution et j’ai décidé de jeuner et de m’approcher de Lui. Je suis même arrivé en retard mais immédiatement que j’ai posé les pieds sur ce sol, je me suis senti libre et j’ai commencé à rire comme une folle. Ceci démontre que Dieu n’abandonne jamais les siens même quand nous pensons qu’il l’a fait.

Sœur Fidèle

Last Solution Night, I said it was for me. Today, I want to testify to that effect that it was for me. I made a list of twelve (12) items after the Solution Night and God has granted nine (09) of them. He also provided me the seed I asked for and in a way I can not even explain.

Secondly, I want to thank Him for opening ministerial doors for my husband. What ever we ask God for, he will give us. I asked him to take sorrow and hardship away and he has done just that. Praise be unto Him.

Sister Ngafeeson Claudia

I want to thank God for provision. When I started working, I worked for five (05) months without any salary until I called upon God and said: “for true, God, if this job is from you, let me receive my salary.” I went into a three (03) day early Morning Prayer i.e. from 3:00am each morning and from Thursday to Saturday. On the second day, I received a call from the financial manager apologizing for haven kept my salary for so long. He gave me my two months salary and I respected the covenant I had entered into i.e. that my first salary will be for the Lord and the second for my mother.

God also gave me another job with ONEL (National Election Observatory Board) as a secretary and secondly, I have been registered in to an International Organisation as a Secretary.

Sister Betty

The Lord is indeed worthy of praise at all times as states the song I just sang. On the 16th July 2008, I celebrated my Golden Jubilee. It has been 50years of Ups and downs but the Joy of the Lord has been my strength. I prophesy into somebody’s life that the joy that has kept me through will be yours in Jesus’ name. I give glory to God for everything.

Mummy Doreen

Je veux témoigner de la bonté de Dieu dans ma vie et de la délivrance qui a eu lieu. J’ai un frère qui volait tous ce qu’il trouvait dans la maison. Il a même cambriolé les voisins et a emporté les choses de cette maison et la vendu. Ceci l’a conduit en prison où il a rencontré Dieu. Maintenant en liberté, il prêche Christ en chaque endroit qu’il se trouve. De plus, j’ai trois enfants qui se son présentés pour le Baccalauréat. Je veux rendre grâce à Dieu car ils ont tous réussit et je veux vraiment le remercier car il exhausse les prières

Sœur Helen

Brethren, I want to encourage someone with this testimony. Yesterday, I went to Mokolo market (a market renown for many theft and all types of evil) to buy something and as I put my hand in my pocket to pay for it, all my money came out and fell where I stood. I did not realize this and paid for the item and left. When I went to the next item, I again put my hand in my pocket to remove money to pay for it but unfortunately, there was no money. I went to the first place and saw the money lying down.

Brethren, I know this is only the work of God because we all know what Mokolo is for one to misplace money and see it again. When we pay our tithes, God will always protect us and he will keep the devourer away and this is what de did for me. This has increased my faith in His Word.

Brother Ezekiel

Friday, August 08, 2008


“While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the Word, and those of the circumcision who believed were astonished as many as came with Peter because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the gentiles also” (Acts 10:44-45)

The Almighty God is full of pleasant surprises. He has always done things that give pleasure, nice things, joy and satisfaction to whoever visits him or whoever he visits. When He decides to visit you for a pleasant surprise, that day the unpleasant story of your life is automatically changed to an enjoyable one.

Our God is sovereign and is in heaven, he does whatever pleases him. For everyone who desire pleasant surprises, you must position yourself well and be expectant. The lame man at the beautiful gate had been in his awful state for close to forty years but one day heaven decided to smile on him in his normal sitting and begging position. Today, heaven will visit you and the story of your life will take a positive turn. This man as usual was begging for alms but the Lord brought peter and John into his life for a change. Peter told him look at us, and the man gave them his attention expecting to receive alms as usual from them but this day he received a surprise package much more than his expectation; his long awaited dream and aspiration to walk, enter the temple to praise and worship God was realized. I prophesy to you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that your long forgotten dream, aspiration, vision will be actualised this season.(Acts 3:2-10)

The Bible says looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, everyone that looked unto him were never put to shame but became immersed by His glory “Those who look unto Him (Jesus) are radiant , will shine, show love and happiness all the days of their lives” (Psalms 34:5)

The disciples were faced with great windstorm on the sea, they called on Jesus, and He arose and rebuked the wind “Peace! Be still”, and there was a turning of event, the tempest ceased. I speak to every storm and tempest in your life to cease now in the name of Jesus. A dramatic turn that will cause you and your neighbour to fear God exceedingly will happen in your life today as you speak the word of faith to the challenge. Peter allowed Jesus into his boat, hearken to Jesus instruction, as to casting his net in to the deep, he had a net breaking catch of fish, Peter and all who were with him were astonished at the catch, this day, you will hear a voice from the Lord that will put an end to your famine, poverty and shame and usher you into the era of prosperity and abundance. (Luke 5:4-9)

Jericho’s water and ground for several years was unpleasant. By the intervention of the anointed of God, the land and water was healed from its source, the root cause of sorrow, barrenness, pain and other affliction in your life is destroyed now in the name of Jesus. (II Kings 2:19-22; Isa.10:27)

Zachariah and Elizabeth waited on the Lord for the fruit of the womb for many years. When all human hope was gone and lost, God visited them with a pleasant package of an anointed baby boy. Zachariah could not believe when the divine package was delivered, against his unbelief, God’s pleasant surprise could not be stopped. What God will do for you in this season of favour, your unbelief or doubt will not be able to hinder it. “The Lord raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap;... grants barren women a home like a joyful mother(Ps.113:7-9)

Your enemies will suddenly become your servants and friends as the Lord did for David. The tribes of Israel came bowing to David and made him king over them. The Lord will visit the camp of your enemy so that the opposition and resistance against your enthronement will become a lift for your establishment on the throne.

Jesus can never fail, He will never fail, anywhere he visits, sorrow is turned to joy, death to life, lack or famine to abundance, poverty to riches, bondage to liberty etc. For this purpose he came to give pleasant surprises. “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him(Acts 10:38)

The best pleasant surprise is to be translated from the kingdom darkness to the marvellous kingdom of His son Jesus Christ (Col.1:13). See you there.


Je veux rendre grâce à Dieu de m’avoir prit un pas en avant dans ma vie ministérielle et également pour sa protection sur ma vie. Mon frère cadet a été promu dans son église et je suis allé pour la cérémonie. Avant d’y aller, j’ai préparée une exhortation et quand je suis arrivée, j’étais un peut timide mais j’ai prié et j’ai demandé à Dieu de me donner du courage. J’ai prêché le salut du Christ et dix-huit (18) personnes ont donné leurs vies à Christ. Louange au

Sœur Viginie

On February 06th 2008, I was given a letter of complain and asked to answer within 24hrs which I did. The following day on going to submit my response or reply, I was given a letter of dismissal from my job. I told my CEO that the normal dismissal procedure had not been followed but instead, he became arrogant and told me he was a lion and could do as he wished. A friend of mine asked me to come and see Pastor Bamikole B Isaac that he may pray for me. I was reluctant but he insisted and so I came. Pastor Isaac made some declarations and on arriving home, I continued praying on them though I thought it was impossible for the CEO to die or leave. Furthermore, I was asked to sow a seed as concerned the visit of Daddy Adeboye’s which I did. When the General Overseer (G.O) came and gave some prayer points, I caught two one of which says “the Lord will give me a pleasant surprise and that unwanted visitors will go.” Board members recalled me but the CEO said it could only happen over his dead body. The group of people who were against me now began quarrelling amongst themselves and their witch doctor in Garoua had gone mad with his shrine destroyed by fire. More to that, they have been issued a warrant of arrest and the CEO who was so strong amongst all the branches in Australia, US and in Cameroon has been dismissed. I want to thank God because I am ready for my pleasant surprise.

Brother Ayuk Emmanuel

Being alive today is a testimony because I want to give God the glory for good health, for protection and also for adding me one more year.
Brother Hilary.

I was trusting God for finances and He provided it to me. In fact, He actually doubled what I wanted and this enabled me to redeem my building pledge and to do other things. I just want to thank Him and I am also trusting Him for somebody here that before the end of this month that you will receive a pleasant financial surprise. Brother Peter

My daughter told me she was going in for a very competitive exam and I took it as a prayer point during Adeboye’s visit and I want to thank God for academic success. Sister Kingne Helen

About two months ago, I was posted to Nigeria to work with Bomgang-one of the largest oil field in Nigeria. The enemy was not happy with my transfer and about a few weeks later, pirates attacked the oil boat and there was really panic every where. But I want to thank God because I am not only going to Nigeria but I am going as a supervisor with a body guard for a period of one year.

Brother Emmanuel

I want to thank God for his faithfulness. After last Sunday’s message on pleasant surprise, I went home and my brother called the next day Monday to say that my father had died.

I shouted “Jesus, Jesus” and asked why? Is it that he has been showing me things which concern different people but could not show me what concerned me?

I refused to accept the news and told my brother to go to the village for confirmation.

However, God told me he wanted to do something but because of my faith, he has reversed the plan. I want to thank God because I am born again if not, I would be crying by now. Sister Lilian

Dieu est bon. Le fait qui je suis en vie est un témoignage. J’ai fourni certaines marchandises à un client qui a refusé de me payer. Dieu m’a donné un autre client. Et comme Dieu va le faire, ce client était le patron de celui qui m’avait refusé de payer. Le patron oblige donc ce premier client à payer sa dette mais avant de le faire il a amené l’argent quel que part.

Dieu m’a averti de ne pas prendre cet argent mais de mon côté j’ai insisté à le prendre en me disant que c’était le fruit de mon labeur. Quand je l’ai prit, j’ai eu une sensation étrange sur ma main et plus tard, les blessures on surgit et ma main à commencer à saigner. J’ai priée avec certains frères et je veux rendre grâce à Dieu parce qu’il m’a maintenu en vie malgré tout ces problèmes.

De plus, je veux rendre grâce à Dieu d’avoir ôté les ennemies de mon chemin. Il a enlevé certains gardiens qui m’empêchaient de faire mon commerce dans un bureau. Louange au Seigneur.

Sœur Virginie

Friday, August 01, 2008


Then you call on the name of your gods and I will call on the name of the LORD and the God who answers by fire, He is God. So all the people answered and said “it is well spoken” And it came to pass at the time of the offering o f the evening sacrifice that Elijah the prophet came over and said “LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel and I am your servant, and that I have done all these things at your Word... then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice and the wood and the stones and the dust and it licked up the water that was in the trench, now when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces and they said “The Lord He is God, the Lord He is God.”” (I Kings 18:24, 36-39)

Fire is associated with revival, power, approval, protection, purification, judgement, endowment of God’s gifts, love and zeal for God and abundance. It was after the fire fell on Mount Carmel that raining season which had been suspended for about three and a half years was restored. It was the day fire fell on Elijah’s sacrifice that signalled the end of contention between him Elijah and the prophets of Baal (true and false prophets), who the people of Israel were to serve; the Almighty God or Baal. The fire shows the supremacy of God over idols, the devil, and his allies. The mark of approval was given to Elijah before the nation as the mouth piece of God whose Word is to be obeyed because he is God’s mouth piece. The day fire fell on Elijah’s sacrifice, it signalled an end to an era of prolonged dry season. If you can attract the fire of God to accept your sacrifice of thanksgiving, praise, worship, gifts, etc, the same fire will transform your life. It will put an end to dryness in your life, business, ministry and career. When the fire falls, it signals the era of being ushered to your divine breakthrough-physically, spiritually and financially.

When the Lord’s fire falls, you are set to cause to burn with flame as God rightly said in the scripture, He makes His ministers flames of fire (Heb.1:7b). You are caused to have strong feelings, impact, excitement, and enthusiasm.

God’s design is that his children should be a continuous burning flame of fire. The Trinity has fire as His divine attribute: (II Chron.7:1) “For our God is a consuming fire” (Heb.12:29). Jesus baptises with the Holy Ghost and fire (Matt.3:11), the Holy Spirit came and sat upon the disciples in divided tongues as of fire. God commanded “Let not the fire go out on the Lord’s altar.” Jesus Christ came to baptise us with the Holy Spirit and fire, He came to sweep his church, (your life) thoroughly clean and to separate the chaff from the grain and to burn the chaff with unquenchable fire. So it is God’s desire and will for you to be on fire and be a carrier of His fire which is part of His divine attribute.


1) In the face of intense opposition and persecution from false religion and false prophets, you need the fire of God.

2) God desires that you defend the Gospel of Christ against distortion, compromise and corruption. (Phil.1:17, Jude 3). You are to contend earnestly for the faith which was delivered to the saints out of love for God and his kingdom.

3) You need God’s fire to consistently oppose false religion and false prophets and bring their works and activities to a halt (Acts 8:9-11). Simon the sorcerer for long had astonished the people of Samaria claiming to be someone great. Everybody gave him attention because he was taken to be the great power of God, but when Philip the Holy Ghost fire carrier entered the city, Simon the sorcerer was rendered useless, jobless and powerless. In this season, power will change hand in your life, family, town/village, place of work and neighbourhood to the hand of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

4) Fire reveals God’s grace to his people.

5) When God’s fire falls and is burning in your life, the people’s heart will be turned back to God in preparation for Christ’s second coming. (Luke 1:13-17, Mal.4:5). God wants you and I to be the John the Baptist of our time, a Restorer and Reformer, as his witness. (Matt.17:11; Rev.11:3-6).

6) God’s desire is that you should be purified and cleansed so that your worship and service will be acceptable to the Lord in righteousness. (Malachi 3:3-4; Romans 12:1-2)

7) You are to share in the nature of God because God as your Lord and Father and you as his son, fellowship and answers to prayer should become easy.


1- Repent of all the sins in your life. Prov.28:13

2- Be baptised in the Holy Spirit, with fire and constantly re-charge your spiritual battery or re-fill in the Holy Spirit.

3- Spend quality time in praying in the Spirit and in your understanding.

4- Daily study God’s word and meditate His word.

5- Be separated from bad companies and things that can easily corrupt you or put your fire out.

6- Refuse discouragement and be strengthened in the face of persecution.

7- Have a deep hunger and thirst for God’s glory, Kingdom and Righteousness to be made manifest every where you go.

When the fire of God falls on a man, supernatural and dramatic events begin to happen in the life of the man at the centre of God’s fire, in the church and the nation as a whole. It is our prayer this day that you will experience His fire a new and afresh that will bring glory to God and position you on the pedestal of gold.

You want to carry God’s fire and for his fire to be the hallmark of your life, ministry and career, you need to:

v Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour,

v Confess your sins and turn away from it totally,

v Ask for forgiveness and cleansing by His blood and fire,

v Invite Him to your heart by faith. The journey to heaven has begun. I will see you in heaven in Jesus name.



A month ago, my mother called for me to say that my younger sister had been initiated in her school. I called my pastor, we prayed and I also gave my mother directives on what to do. I want to thank God because my younger sister has been delivered.

Sister Gwen

I want to thank God because I just came to Yaoundé and I was directed to the Redeemed Christian Church of God by one sister. I was there for the Solution Night and I drank the Holy Spirit to overflowing.

Sister Evelyn

God has been good and is doing good things in my life. My first son was living with my mother in the village and each time, he will tell me that he will go to America. I did not know how this could be possible. However, he finally went there with only a First school leaving certificate and I lost contact of him for a period of time. When we got reconnected, he told me during one of our telephone calls that he will be coming to Cameroon. A few days backwards, I received a call from him and he was already here in Yaoundé. I went to the place to which I was directed and to my greatest surprise, I could not recognize my son until he hugged me. Secondly, I want to thank God because some few years back, thieves stole everything I had and today, God has blessed me an 800m2 piece of land here in Yaounde and this thanks to the money raised from my puff-puff business. Sister Martha

I asked God for the best results during my defense. And during this defense from Higher Ecole Normal, He answered me and I came out with Excellent.

Sister Amana Delphine

I want to thank God for myself, my wife and my family. Last week, I was shocked of what the Lord had been doing in my life and realized that it is not because I had been praying or because I preach too well but because of His favour. I also see how God has been transforming lives of people in this church. Last week, I received two brethren from this church who are travelling for an international conference in which out of the 30 coming from Africa, two are here with us. God is doing something for which we need to praise Him for.

Pastor Bamikole B Isaac

I want to thank God for giving me the courage to testify. I must confess that I used to see and hear of testimonies and think they are lies. In church, when the time came for it, I thought it was a waste of time but God has proved me wrong. My wife and I were watching a Christian channel when the preacher said “God is looking for people to worship Him in Truth and with faith”. We looked at each other and then we asked ourselves whether we were worshipping God in that manner and the answer was no. We then met a brother of this church (The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mount Zion Parish, and 100m from Biyem-Assi Hospital) and he brought us here and today, Sunday 06 July 2008, I can say honestly that we are worshipping Him (God) in truth and with faith and so with the members of my family. Secondly, about 06 months ago, I was without a job and God has provided for us. Thirdly, one of our mummies said “when the devil hits you from behind, he will push you forward and when from below, he will push you up. I caught the word and the devil that hit me from my last job has moved me into a better job. Fourthly, I had prayed asking God to give me a testimony which will inspire someone and not showing my greatness. I attended night vigils (Holy Ghost Night, Solution Night, etc) and was about giving-up when a brother advised me to stay steadfast and I obeyed and after a prayer night with him, I got a phone call in the morning about a job offer. I want to thank God for that. Brother Arrey