Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Dry season is synonymous with famine, hardship, insecurity, poverty, barrenness, sickness, diseases, trouble, discomfort and all kinds of afflictions.

We thank God for as many as have the Almighty God as their Father, for wisdom and might are His; and He, changer of the time and the seasons, He removes kings and raises up kings, gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. I have the assurance that Heaven will rule in your favour to change your dry season to a season of refreshing in Jesus name.

In Ps 65:9-10 the scripture says “You visit the earth and water it. You greatly enrich it; the river of God is full of water; you provide their green for so you have prepared it. You water its ridges abundantly you settle its furrows; you make it soft with showers you bless its growth”.

Your moment of visitation from Heaven is now for God to put an end to your dry season –put an end to your barrenness, insecurity, poverty hardship etc. Your time to born is now, your season to progress, to succeed, overcome, be enriched and have bumper harvest is now. Affliction, sorrow fear, failure, hardship will be gone for ever in your life because God is visiting this season for a purpose and the purpose is to turn your shame to glory and honour, change your weeping and crying to shouts of great joy and singing.

In Genesis 18 1-2; 10-14 God visited Abraham and Sarah through his (three divine messenger). Trinity and the long dry season (famine) of a child in the family of Abraham became a thing of the past. “At the appointed time i will return to you according to the time of life and Sarah will have a son” (Genesis 14b). God is visiting you now to change the season and time in your favour. Barrenness, lack, shame will no longer be mentioned concerning you in Jesus name.

In – born pain, sorrow came to an end in the life of Jabez. Season of sorrow/pain was terminated in his life, family and career in one day. God visited him and changed curses for blessing, sorrow or pain for joy and comfort, stagnation for promotion, rejection for acceptance, so in this very season and time Heaven will visit you on earth to make your earth heaven on earth from today in Jesus name. Jebez life was changed permanently; a permanent change is coming your way right now in Jesus name. (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). Are you being harassed by one family demon or idol, is your life being intimidated by conspiracy of enemies from far and near; relax, power is changing hand right now in your favour so that you begin to dominate your dominator. I am doubly assuring, you God is filling your month with amazing and astonishing testimonies about Jesus Christ’s goodness and timely intervention. The life organs of your body and your career and business will only show forth or radiate the beauty and glory of the Lord. (Mark 5:1-20, Matthew 15:22-28)

In a time like this, there shall be shower of rain of answers to prayer for the cloud is heavy, expect answers to every prayer already prayed in accordance to his will and one you will yet pray before the year runs out.

Your sacrifices of thanksgiving and praise shall be accepted and answer will come by fire that will cause the doubter to surrender and worship your Father in Heaven (1Kings 18:38)

At any time that dry season ends rainy season begins because there is no vacuum in nature. From now as the Lord visits you with his water, rapid growth of buried, hidden undeveloped, untapped potential shall begin in your life in an accelerated manner, your fruitfulness shall be made manifest beyond what you and others can think or imagine. Your growth and development all round about shall be accelerated that you will catch up with those who have gone ahead of you for several years. When the disciples at the upper room were visited by heaven’s water they were energised, revived to fulfil God’s original plan and purpose for their lives. As it is for them so shall it be for you now and forever. Your dry pasture shall grow, blossom and there shall be shouts of joy and singing aloud in your abode.

He will surely come to crown the year with his goodness and cause your paths to drop with abundance. Be expectant of God’s divine visitation that will usher you gloriously to 2009.



“Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common faith, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all delivered to the saints”

Jude 3

Forever the word of God is settled in heaven, the issues pertaining your salvation is forever settled and that is why you have been instructed to work out your salvation with fear and trembling on daily basis.

The devil from the beginning has always loved to oppose everything that is good and dear to God and most often he comes with lies and crafty devices to oppose the things of God or the Word of God in our lives. The attack of the devil about the truth and our faith in God “the Truth” has experienced open confrontation with Satan and lies allied through direct attack or aggression or the use of false or demonic doctrine to attack our faith.

God will never lie, He is faithful, for He spoke and it was done, He commended and it stood fast. His Word can never change and will never change, so it stands as the bench – mark on which our faith should rest.

In Mark 11: 22, the Bible says have faith in God. Have trust in God’s provision through Christ and the gospel of light as declared in the scripture. Have a strong believe in the Lord Jesus, Jesus Christ commanded us to believe in Him because He is the “Truth” not just a truth. He is reliable, dependable and trustworthy.

In order to please Him, you have to walk by faith and not by sight, not by what man or circumstance says but what has been written in the Word of God. As somebody justified by faith in Christ, you can live a successful Christian life by your faith in God- the salvation which has been established before the foundation of the earth.

God’s promises for now and eternally are yes and yes it is not yes and no. He is faithful who has promised you, He will do it. What has God promised you in His Word, it is for your blessings, contend for it. What are the things God has personally spoken to you and it seemingly seems not coming to pass, wait patiently for Him, He will bring it to pass in His own infinite wisdom in the best way known to him and at the right time.

In Heb 11:8-11, Abraham by faith obeyed God, went out to receive a land as an inheritance for his descendants. By faith Sarah also received strength to conceive and bear his son, Isaac.

At 85years old Caleb’s strength did not waver, he trusted that God will bring him to conquer land even though it still had giants or unfilled promises to prevent him from believing that God still honour his word and watching over it to see it performed.

Do not allow the enemy to shoot your heart arrow of unbelief, doubt, compromise etc, to hinder you from contending for the faith. Live a holy righteous life, a life of obedience stop compromising with the world or unbelievers. You can trust His promises, for they are always true. Every promise of God comes with His personal guarantee; so patiently endure to obtain the promises of God in your life, family, ministry, church and nations.

It is impossible for your and my God to lie, have this strong consolation, flee for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before you.

It is well.



I thank God for elevating my husband because during a seven (7) day fasting programme, the pastor said « our debtors will pay us » I thank God who fulfilled this in my life as some one who owed me paid my money. Equally, women should not hide things from their husbands. Praise the Lord!!!

Sister Helen

I am thanking God for what He has done for me. I am testifying of safe delivery. My first child’s labour was very long. This time, I prayed for God to reduce my labour and He did it and I delivered naturally. Praise the Lord!!!

Sister Becky

My mother had high blood pressure two (2) years ago. We prayed for it and two (2) days ago, my elder sister came and told me that I serve a great God and that our mother is healed. Praise the Lord!!!

Brother Emmanuel

I changed my name to mystery and since then, my life has changed and God has done wonders in my life and family. Thus, Name is important. Praises to the Lord!!!

Mum Clara Mystery

This year has been my year. I wanted to turn on the gas two (2) days ago and it caught fire. My dress was consumed but I had no burns on my body. I also entered a car and the door suddenly opened while the car was on motion; I thank God because I didn’t fall out. I want to thank God for protection especially this year. Praise the Lord!!

Brother Ezekiel

Je veux rendre grâce à Dieu pour la vie de mon mari. Dieu a élevé mon épouse à un niveau qu’on n’a pu imaginer. Je veux également rendre grâce à Dieu parce qu’il n’a par changé puisque mon mari demeure toujours un homme humble et jovial. Cette année a été la mienne. J’étais malade mais j’ai reçu le souffle de Dieu. Je veux également rendre grâce à Dieu d’avoir confirmé sa parole dans ma vie à travers le pasteur. Louange au Seigneur !!!

Sœur Flora



Sunday, December 07, 2008


Events happenings around the world are pointing to the fact that Jesus’ second coming is fast approaching. To be part of the saints who will catch up in the mid air you need to revive the Ancient Land marks
The world Revive means doing something again, improving on it, a fresh encounter with God, a new visitation from God.
Ancient means something in existence before landmark means objects of demarcation, pillar and boundary stones.
The Bible says in Proverbs 22v28 says “Remove not the ancient landmark which your fathers have set”. “Equally in Jeremiah 6v16 the bible says “We should ask for the old paths, the god way and walk in it so that we can experience all round rest”

It’s my prayer that as you’ll revive the ancient landmark and walk in the old paths that are good He will make your path straight in Jesus name and you’ll experience all round rest.
The following are some of the Ancient landmarks old good paths we need to revive:
OBEDIENCE: In Genesis 12v1-3 we saw how father Abraham walked in obedience with God: His call and even the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22 v 1-18 and his blessing was being multiplied by God.
HOLINESS: you need revive your holy living for God is holy and this must be in every aspects of your life. (1Peter 1v14-16) What he did for you especially your salvation is so great that your life must be presented to him as a living sacrifice continuously (Romans 12v 1-2)
GIVING: Father Solomon gave a wonderful and strange offering to God and he was visited with an open cheque 1kings 3v3-13 I can see God placing before you an open cheque in this season. All that you need Jehovah Jurch will give you (Philippians 4 v 18-19) Give him your life time, skill resources etc. Giving demands a sacrifice even when it’s not convent.
WORSHIP: You need to revive your worship life. Let worship be your attitude and not an Act, worship God with honour and dignity. He’s loving for true John 4v 23-24.
SOUL WINNING: Your soul winning life needs revival. You are a disguised pastor in your professions, careers, vocation and business. Influence the sinners around you positively to be united with Jesus. God will make you a faithful witness for Him, your witnessing will be result oriented in Jesus name. Be conscious you’ve been reconciled so that you can reconcile others to Jesus Christ Matthew 28v 18-20 He will always be with you as you get involved in his Heart beat in Jesus name.
PRAYER, FAITH QUIET TIME is ancient landmark that you need to equally revive. Be a power broker through prayer like Elijah. Learn to please God for without faith it impossible to please God. Become a deep Christian for the deep calls unto the deep as you regularly spend time alone with God. 1st kings 17v1, Hebrews 11v1, 6 1peter 2v2 and psalm1 v2.
In conclusion living right, because time is running out, the 2nd coming of Christ is nearer than when we first behaved Romans 13v11
As you will Embrace these Ancient landmark God will prosper you like Isaac, favour you like Joseph, Remember you like Noah, be friendly to you like Abraham talk to you like Moses, Bless you like Solomon, light for you like David and rapture you like Elijah in Jesus name.
Eagerly waiting for you testimony