Wednesday, June 18, 2008


(Part Two)

Text: HABAKKUK 1:5


1) “...seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matt.6:33) Seek God more and the best will come. He’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. (Heb.11:6b) He rewards in the superlative degree with the best not the better. Let someone say: with the best, with the best and with the best. His kingdom is full of the best. “And the blessings of the Lord, it makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it” (Prov.10:22). If you have abandoned God, return quickly to Him, return quickly to your first love of holiness, prayer, evangelism and self sacrifice. You can’t go back to the kingdom of darkness; return to God. Return to Him quickly.

2) Keep pressing forward like apostle Paul in Philippians 3:14

3) Get rid of low expectations. Make big plans for your life, don’t make little plans! Plan to :

(i) Pray and fast five days a week not once

(ii) Build a four bedroom house not a studio,

(iii) But a Lexus jeep not a starlet,

(iv) Travel by air (first class) not economy class.

I pray that the grasshopper mentality will not be your portion in Jesus name.

4) Don’t think you have come to an end! Don’t think you’ve reached your limits there’s nothing more you can do; I’ll probably never get a husband/ children/promoted/a contract/ a house or a car of my own. No! No! No! Get rid of that defeated mind-set. Get rid of that unproductive mentality. Where a man ends is always where God begins. Even Jabez who was called Mr Sorrow because his mother “bore him with sorrow” God changed his situation. Jabez asked God for four things:

(a) God should bless him indeed,

(b) God should enlarge his border,

(c) God’s hand might be with him and,

(d) That the Lord God should keep him from evil that it may not grieve him.

(I Chron.4:9-10). God granted his request. God will grant your request.

5) Maximise your gifts/talents. Many people have gifts and talents but they do not use them. They are living far below their potential. List down your gifts and talents and see how you can improve on them. Improve on your self. Accomplish your God given assignment: Moses took the Israelites out of bondage; out of Egypt while Joshua took them to the Promised Land. Deborah “the wife of Lapidoth”, “a mother in Israel” was a counsellor, a distinguished judge and a prophetess in Israel. She dispensed righteousness, justice and mercy. She exercised faith and courage to make a success of her God given assignment. God requires similar quality from us. What is my God given assignment? What is your God given assignment? If you don’t yet know, pray and God will reveal it to you. Once you know it, settle down on it and you need to run in it so that the best will come out. The best is coming from the assignment God has given to you.

Germany is perhaps the only country in the world where there is no speed limits. Here is the testimony of someone who was driving on the superhighway across Germany at the speed of

across Germany at the speed of 110 miles per hour: He felt like the king of the road. That same model of his car drove passed him. It was like he was standing still. It must have been on 170 miles per hour. His car possessed tremendous potentials the manufacturer put in it. It’s the same with us. Our potentials have been put by our manufacturer, our creator, the Almighty God. Whether we use it or not does not diminish it, but it does impact on our future. We like to increase the speed of our cars. I see people driving very fast. We should increase the speed of God’s potentials in us. We often increase the speed of other things e.g. anger which poisons all we think and do. Why should you increase the speed of anger instead of that of peace? There is the speed of “I don’t know” among Christians for example: quote a scripture, I don’t know. Evangelise, I don’t know. Pray for somebody, I don’t know. In the market place, why are you not selling, I don’t know. What are you doing in the church? Get out there and release the potential God has put in you. Upon Mount Zion there shall be deliverance and may it be your portion in Jesus name.

6) Read Books. Read journals, consult the internet, and consult higher people in the area of your calling. Get some models and be modelled. You need a model to model you. In the church who is your model? Elijah was Elisha’s model. Models can come from so far and can be so close. I don’t know yours but you’ve to get a model.

7) You may have tried to succeed in life but failed again and again. Don’t get discouraged! Keep pressing forward. In the story of David and the uncircumcised Philistine of Gath, Goliath, David was not discouraged when he saw the giant Goliath in front of him. He boldly declared “this day will the Lord deliver you into my hand; and I will strike you and take your head from you; and I will give the carcases of the host of the philistines... unto the fowls of the air;...” (I Sam.17:46) his declaration came to pass. Those who know their God shall do exploits. (Dan.11:32b) these exploits will launch them to the next level. When you’re discouraged, you stop exercising your faith; you cannot take actions and you’ll grow flabby. Don’t be discouraged. Let’s look at William E. Hickson’s Poem “Try again” which contains some very good advice for us: if at first you don’t succeed, try again... if you’ll persevere, you’ll conquer, never fear, try again... once or twice though you should fail, try again... A man ofGod, Robert Tilton says, Never give up! Pastor E. A. Adeboye says “Your tomorrow shall be alright” Pastor Jide Akiode says “We shall build a five star Church”. Pastor Mbawi Emmanuel says “poverty is killed” Pastor Bamikole B. Isaac says “The cars we’ll get are those one like this-new models.” What do you say? Begin to say remarkable things.

8) Stay in an attitude of faith and keep expecting marvellous things. Once Pastor E. A. Adeboye had to minister. Just before his ministration, he went out to respond to nature’s call. On his way, he met an usher and out of courtesy, he gave him a handshake. This usher exercised faith, put his hand in his pocket. When he got home, he placed it on his wife’s stomach. Nine months later, the barren lady became a happy mother. Always expect the best. Donot be influenced by what those around you say or do. The woman with the issue of blood for twelve years was rejected. What did she do? She exercised faith; touched Jesus’ garment and was made whole (Mark 5:25-31) Through faith, she received the desire of her heart. Somebody may have rejected you. Know this, God will never abandon nor forsake you. When you pass through the waters, He’ll be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame scorch you. (Isa.43:2) He loves you, accepts you, approves you and has something better in store for you.

9) Don’t give room for distractions and disappointments in life to keep you down. Focus on God and not these things. God opened a door for a sister in Yaounde to go to school in Buea. After her course, she returned home to join her family. Then hardship knocked at her door and she became discouraged and disappointed. Her daughter told her, The God of Pan African Institute is still the same. These encouraging words changed the atmosphere in their home and discouragement immediately disappeared. When discouraged, think of the previous good things God had done and your happy mood will come back.

10) Be creative: why should we be creative? We should be creative because God; our Creator is creative. He has deposited a part of His creative skills in us so that we can create new things. We can create jobs, ideas... for ourselves and for others. I see you leaving your site with creative habits, with creative minds; I see the hunger to create in you.

11) Be positive in life: people may have tried to stop you from doing a particular thing. Blind Bartimaeus cried “Jesus, You son of David, have mercy on me” People told him to hold his peace. The more they told him to keep quite, the more he shouted. Jesus heard his cry and he healed him. He received his sight. (Mark 10:46-54) circumstances may have soured your outlook on life like Hannah Elkanah (I Sam.1). Through patience, perseverance and prayer, she refused to be childless for life. This experience of hers gives every barren lady the assurance that all hope is not lost yet; the best is yet to come. How many Hannah’s are there outside there or in the church and how many best Samuels will come out of them? So many. Hannah’s sit up! Your best is yet to come. And you too, your best is going to come.

It’s the season of the best. It’s the season of the next level. God is bringing out the best in me; God is bringing out the best in you. It’s not going to be by power nor by might but by the Spirit of the LORD.


Mummy T. T. Doreen


J’ai chanté concernant la repentance parce qu’il est difficile des fois d’accepter et reconnaitre que je suis dans le tort. Je rends grâce à Dieu pour ma femme qui est toujours là pour m’aider à reconnaitre ma faute à l’accepter avant de me plaindre.

Ce que j’ai mis ma confiance à Dieu pour qu’il fait dans ma vie durant la venue du Superviseur Général s’est réalisé la veille de son arrivé. J’ai été promu au grade d’un Directeur assistant et de plus, durant la croisade, mon directeur et sa fille ont donné leur vie à Christ.

Que toutes gloire soit rendu à Dieu

Frère Gédeon Kingne

I want to testify of the faithfulness of God as stated in Numbers 23v19

Firstly, I want to thank God for His provision as written in Eccl.4v9 because He provided for me five (5) years ago. He gave me a friend who started as a son in Christ and became a friend in need and in deed.

When I came to Christ, my spiritual father elaborated me on Joel 2v25 and this Scripture has really blessed me.

Being a business man, I bought some SIM cards from MTN which was supposed to have credit of 2,500 FRS each. But when we activated these cards, we realised that there was no credit. We met a lawyer who tabled a complaint to MTN twice but they ignored the complaint.

I want to thank God because of recent, these SIM cards which had no credit all had a credit of 5,000frs giving us double interest.

Also, a lady who owed me some money, which I had termed a bad debt also called for me and refunded what she owed.

I thank God for everything.

Brother Martins

Somebody blessed me with some dollars which I decided to sow it as a seed in our Daddy’s ministry (Pastor E. A. Adeboye) during his visit to Cameroon. In fact, after his coming, I harvested more than three (3) times the seed I sowed and I want to thank God.

Pastor Bamikole B. Isaac

God gave me a word concerning daddy E. A Adeboye’s coming and I think this is for us all.

During the conference, God told me that many people came expecting to see physical miracles but He decided to do it in His way. He said He was going to tell me something within two days.

On Saturday night, I overslept and was terified of the dream I had but thank God because on Sunday, He gave me the revelation. He showed me worshippers carrying the statue of Holy Mary. He destroyed the statue and the worshippers of idols.

Brothers and sisters, I think we all need to pray and witness Christ to his people so that they should not be destroyed.

Glory be to God.

Sister Lilian Akwen

I have always known that I was created for a special purpose.

I thank God for keeping me alive because many of my friends have died knowing that He wants me to work for Him, I asked God if I’ll be alive till this year. I thank God because I have seen this year.

Secondly, many a times when I have dreams, before I notice it, they begin to happen therefore I want to thank God for everything.

Brother Kenneth

I want to thank God for all.

Last service, our pastor advised us to always speak to our situation. After service, I was called and told that our father was sick. I started speaking to the situation, claiming his healing and yesterday, when I called to find out how he was doing, I was told he is doing well and fine.

I want to thank God for His faithfulness and healing.

Sister Rose

I was sick in February 2007, coughing blood. I went to the hospital and took drugs. This disease continued till December and until May where I had chest pains. The doctor said I had no problem after medical examination.

I want to thank God because I trusted him for the pains and the disease to disappear and it is so now

Sister Motutu

My name is favour. I want to thank God for His favour. After I bought my car, I also got a shop where I do my business. The pastor prayed for the place but jealousy came in from my neighbours who asked me to pay some money before I could install my goods in the shop. They also tempered with my lock. The pastor came again and prophesied at the place and one of the neighbours came and asked me to buy their shops and have gone to their villages.

God has been saving my business as I have been doing His work.

Sister Prudence

I want to testify of the goodness of God our shepherd who fights for us even at night. God opened my eyes to see Him. On Tuesday night, I felt an unusual presence in my room. I prayed with the help of the Holy Spirit and I saw a powerful light which came and fought for me. I heard a cry of distress and God intervened for me

I know that I am the apple of God’s eyes.

Mummy Victorine T

Friday, June 13, 2008


Text: HABAKKUK 1:5

The report you believe determines your end. Ten spies believed they couldn’t enter the Promised Land and they perished before they got there. Caleb and Joshua believed they could enter and they did. Housing prices, the price of fuel and other commodities have skyrocketed in recent months. This is our present day report. God says “things are getting better because He is on the throne.

Sing: Things are getting better x2

For the Lord is on the throne

Things are getting better x2

Let’s consider the testimony of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright: Wright designed many beautiful buildings, homes and other magnificent structures. Towards the end of his splendid career, a reporter asked him, “Of your many beautiful designs, which one is your favourite?” without reflecting, he answered “my next one”. From his answer, one can deduce two things:

(i) He was never satisfied with past successes,

(ii) He understood Apostle Paul’s principle of constantly pressing forward.

The whole world is waiting for my next venture. The whole world is waiting for your next venture. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Many people make excuses for stagnating in their spiritual growth: some say

(i) “I’m doing pretty well in my career compared to other people”,

(ii) “Nobody in my family/ village has gone thus far”,

(iii) “I’ve gone as far as my father did”,

(iv) “I’ve achieved as much as most women in my work place”

How fantastic is sounds! Praise God. But, God wants you to go further. Why? He wants you to go further because He is a progressive God and not a stagnant God. He wants you to be increasing in happiness, success and significance. No matter where you are in life, God always have more in store for you and it is the best. God never wants you to stop growing. You should always be reaching out for new heights in your finances, careers, and personal relationships. You, who are reading, go and grow in your relationship with your husband, wife, children, family members, friends and with God. As long as your relationship with God is built, the best will come out. We may have achieved a certain level of success but there are always new challenges, other mountains to climb, new dreams, goals or visions that we can pursue. Our dreams are lying dormant; we need to fulfil them. The best has to come

God has already done a lot in your past

What are some of the things He has done?

(i) He has opened before you doors of opportunities which you did not work for; doors of breakthroughs and release and doors of surprises (Isa.22v22)

(ii) He has given you academic success,

(iii) He has given you business/ career opportunities,

(iv) Fought your unseen and seen battles and given you victory amongst others,

That’s wonderful. Thank God for everything. Remember, it’s very easy to become complacent when you are enjoying life and think you have achieved your goals and reached your limits. Although God may have done wonders in the past, you have not seen anything yet! The best is yet to come. The children of Israel saw wonders while crossing the red sea but their best was yet to come-The Promised Land-, a land flowing with milk and honey. Keep dreaming, planning and hoping for new projects, experiences and ventures with the Almighty God.

God wants you to have a greater impact in the world than you have had. That means:

(i) If you are a teacher, you haven’t taught your best lesson yet.

(ii) If you are a seamstress/ tailor, you haven’t sewn your best dress/suit yet.

(iii) If you are a housewife, you haven’t prepared your best dish yet

(iv) If you’re a student, you haven’t scored your best mark yet.

And what so ever you can think of

Wright says, my next building is the best so your next exam will be the best. What ever you’ve been doing thinking that it is the best; just know that it is not the best for you. The world is expecting much from believers. Stop sleeping! Wake up! You can’t get to the next level if you’re sleeping. “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep ... poverty will come in.”
(Prov.6:10-11; 24:33-34)
Go to the ants and see how busy they are. Small ants build mountains. What are they looking for? They are looking for the best, the next level. Your best days are not behind you; they are in front of you. Don’t envy those who talk of the good old days. They are dwelling in the past.

In our next discussion, we will look at the crux of the matter beginning with How to prepare for the best days to come thus if you have been blessed, please invite your friends and “enemies” for part two.

God bless you and remain at the top.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


“Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel arose and went to Ramah”

(I Sam.16:13).

When ever God wants to do something new in the life of a man, He will always send a messenger, a prophet armed with a divine message and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In this season, God is sending the prophetic word accompanied with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to do something new in your life.

There are several reasons why God will want to anoint you a new and a fresh, because this is your season and time to be announced, a season to be celebrated, uplifted and a season to receive a total turning around in your life, ministry, marriage, career, etc.

To be anointed is to be transformed from a natural man to a supernatural person because the anointing of God brings the Holy Spirit (God) into your life and upon you. The ability of God is transferred unto you to accomplish several divine purposes.

In Isaiah 10:27, the Scriptures say by the anointing all forces controlling or governing your life against God’s will, will be broken and all forces limiting your destiny shall be destroyed. Every heavy load, care, strong feeling of guilt and shame in your life and family is destroyed now by the anointing in Jesus name.

The Holy Spirit has the ability to transform you into another man; from a weak-person to a strong man, a nobody to somebody, a failure to a success, a rejected person to an accepted person, forsaken to become a sought after. Which ever is your case, right now; the anointing of the Lord will make the difference in your life, re-define and favourably reposition your destiny in accordance to God’s original purpose for you. (I Sam.9:16)

The anointing of the Lord coming upon you in this season is preserving you from every form of oppression, affliction, pain and harm from your enemies. In Psalms 105:15 the Bible says “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” This season, all your enemies will find your defeat unattainable. You will become too hot for them to handle in Jesus name. The grace to do supernatural-signs, wonders and perform miracles is imparted- ability to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, set the captive free and be an effective witness for Jesus is given. (Acts1:8; 5:12). When Paul as well as the apostles was anointed by God, special miracles were performed by them. This day, the Spirit of God will come upon you for signs and wonders in Jesus name.

(Acts 19:11)

When a person is anointed, there is a provocation of Joy and gladness that bring divine strength for exaltation and promotion. (Heb.1:9; Ps.89:20-23)

In Psalms 92:12-15, the fresh oil of the Holy Spirit provokes a continuous freshening, flourishing and fruitfulness even in old age. When you are anointed, there is no retirement age for you; in fact, you become more resourceful and productive as your age increases.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit enhances your prayer life, your fellowship, communion with the triune God head. You are empowered to offer acceptable services to the Lord and prevail in the place of prayer. (John.4:23-24; Romans 8:26-27). When you are anointed, the creative power of God comes into manifestation in your life, the natural law or trends of events is defiled, impossibility syndrome as far creation and redemption in accordance to God’s will is concerned, is nullified. For with God, all things are possible. For you as you believe in the Word of God in God’s perfect will, all things become possible which naturally are impossible. (Luke 1:34-37; Mark 10:27).

The anointing of God brings you into being full of good works. How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Holy Ghost and power and he was going about doing good, delivering those oppressed by the devil for God was with Him. (Acts 10:38)

The anointing and the power of God in you and upon your life bring you to the class of gods (Gen.2:7; Ps.82:6). You are gods and all of you are children of the Most High.

How do you get anointed with the Holy Spirit and power?

You are to believe that this promise of the anointing is for you, hunger an thirst after the anointing because those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled; wait upon the Lord in fasting and prayer, live a life of obedience to God’s word. Holiness and purity is essential because He is pure. Be ready and willing to offer effective service unto the Lord, the anointing is not for show but for service to enhance God’s kingdom. Above all, if you are not born again, the first step to take is to repent of your sin, turn to Jesus for salvation, receive his provision for sin, and accept him as your personal Lord and Saviour.

In this season, I see God ushering you to a new level of anointing, you will operate or function in the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit like never before and you will bring forth exceedingly great fruit of the spirit and soul winning.

Remain at the top


Pastor Isaac


I want to thank God for the leadership of this church and also for Mummy Doreen.

I had to travel to Douala last Friday and my friend there was constantly calling, because she had a story to share with me.

However, I decided to worship with mummy Doreen before travelling and she told me there is going to be an all night meeting, I had to spend Friday in Yaounde.

I followed her to church and fervently prayed all the night. In the morning, I slept and dreamt about an uncle who had once been accused of being responsible for a series of dead in the family which he accepted he was guilty of. While in Douala, I still dreamt of him searching for me and so I decided to call my mother in Buea. She told me she can’t understand from where the car appeared from because she had looked right and Left. But thank God she had no serious injuries though on lookers thought she was dead.

I thank God for everything and encourage each and every one of us to have a personal relationship with God and to die to ourselves to read and digest the word of God because He is a faithful God.

Sister Bella Joy

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today as I was coming to church, around Olezoa, just opposite an herbalist who was selling some traditional herbs, a man ordered me “Don’t cross”. I did not obey and went ahead. A few meters ahead, I turned to look at the man who stood looking at me in confusion. Then I immediately recalled that a neighbour told me of a similar incidence in Mokolo in which every thing in her handbag disappeared.
I want to thank God for protecting me from such a plight
Sis Evodia

Two weeks ago, I misplaced my phone in a taxi but a brother saw the sim and picked it up and it was latter returned to me.
I want to thank God because it is not every body that misplaces a phone that recovers the sim card and secondly, because God has given me a new and better phone than the one I misplaced
Sister Eyong Clautilde

I want to thank God for what He is doing in my life. Before now, I had never known obedience, patience and love nor was I able to stand and testify.
I came here for the very first time and it was like God was revealing the story of my life through the man of God but yet I went home doubting.
All the prophesies spoken concerning me are being realised and during last solution night, I was delivered. The Lord told me I was not the only person whose deliverance has been conducted as He showed me a dead fowl by my side.
Sister Elisabeth

I want to thank God for healing and for provision. He healed my daughter and also provided me with a job despite the fact that I did not deposit any application.
Sister Betty

A colleague once told me that I had an enemy in my work milieu. Although I could not reason out the grievance for his enmity, I decided to pray for him because the word of God says “we should pray for our enemies”.
It so happened that his mother died and we went to greet him and I had to speak on behalf of all the colleagues. I started spiritually and ended socially and he testified that he and his family has been blessed.
I give God all the glory.
Brother Kingne Gidéon

I want to thank God for healing. Four days ago, I looked at my toes and two of my toes were infected with fungi. My aunt who is a nurse said “its going to be a long-term treatment.” I told mummy Pastor the following Monday during choir practise. She prayed and the toes are better.
Since Wednesday, I have not been myself. I have not been feeling too well. Yesterday, I went to Sister Victoria’s shop. There, I met brother Ivo and the other Pastor. They prayed for me and, I was sweating and five minutes later, I felt much better.
Sister Cecilia

The Lord has been good to me, my family, my health and my business. There is this lady who has been keeping my things for five years now because I owed her some money. It got to a point that she was refusing money. Yesterday, I sent my younger brother there with some money; she started with violence but later collected the money and still did not give all the things. Normally I was supposed to be angry but I want to thank God for peace and joy. I know the God I serve and I believe He will fight this battle for me.
Sister Virginie

I want to thank God for He has been good to me and even for journey mercies. Something happened to my son on Wednesday while I was away doing God’s work. But I want to thank God who has raised sons and daughters who intervened for me while I was away on the Lord’s assignment.
Mummy Margaret

I want to thank God for providing the finances that enabled me to go through this academic year.
Brother Jacques

This day marks my 58th anniversary and I thank God for making me beautiful each day. Jesus is my friend every moment and preserves me.
Mama Lucie

In 2006, I wrote a letter to daddy Adeboye. He replied and told me that all my prayer points will become testimonies. Among these points, I also asked for God a life partner and today, I am presenting to you this wonderful husband of mine.
I give glory to God
Sister Margaret Tanto

I want to testify of the goodness of God in my life, my family and especially in the life of my son. Six years ago, my son had an attack on his leg in Belgium. He could not walk and had to abandon his job.
When he went to the hospital, he was prescribed very strong antibiotics that instead of curing him was making the infection worse and it was one that could even had damaged his liver. The leg was smelling and maggots were coming out of it. The doctor told him there was something wrong.
When I visited him and saw the terrible site, I held myself from crying because I did not want to discourage him. However, I was not discouraged because I knew the Jehovah Rapha I was serving.
In 2006, I wrote to daddy Adeboye and poured out my heart. When I visited Lagos, I booked for an audience to see him and it was granted. He asked me whether I had hand kerchieves and I said yes. He prayed on them and gave me back. He did not tell me how to use them but I knew what to do.
I sent them to my son and instructed him to bandage the infected leg day and night and he obeyed me. When he went to the hospital for a check up, the Almighty Rapha had done it. The maggots, smelling leg was healed and there was no sign of an infection.
I will keep praising Him for the rest of my life.
Mama Sona
Remain Blessed