Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I want to thank God Almight for Divine Favour. I was employed at a time when the office was talking of retrenchment and every time there is a meeting, the retrenchment matter will come up and the boss will say, "If I was the one on post, you will not have been recruited at that time". So recently, there was a set up and all the bosses gathered to talk about me. They said my crime merited a dismisal, but to my greatest surprise one of the said " You read the Bible upside down. It is that your God that has saved you!". I thank God for favouring me and protecting my job.
Sr Val

I want to thank God for Divine Protection. My little girl left home for her first day in school and got missing on her way home. We looked for her for three days and kept praying that God will lead us to where she was. God lead us to ask some people on the road to Soa if they had seen any missing child and we were directed to where she was. The lady who had been keeping her was a child of God. We give God all the praise.


For every child of God defeats this
evil world by trusting Christ to give
the victory and the ones who
win this
battle against the world are the ones
who believe that Jesus is the son of
” (vs. 4-5N LT)
It is interesting for you to know
that you are brought into the life
of God in Christ Jesus to be the
best you can ever think of, to be
first among your equals, to gain,
be a success not a loser or a failure
and to have continuous victory. Most
often the people of the world and the
world system often give a contrary
view or opinion of who you are as a
child of God, or make you to have a
wrong identity of your system which
is synonymous with darkness, evil
and its vices.
But as many as have received Him.
He gives the right,authority and
power to become children of God,
to those who believe in His name,
those born not of flesh nor of the
will of man but of God.
Have you received the Lord Jesus Christ
as your personal Lord and Saviour?
Do you believed in that Mighty Name
and the Person of Jesus Christ?
Are you born of God, or have you
received the spiritual birth affirmative?
Let it be known to you therefore, that
you are born to win no matter the situation
and circumstance surrounding your life.
For you ave beeen born of God and He has
poured into your heart the love for God
and love for others. Have faith in God
and genuine faith in God expresses itself
in gratitude to and love for the Father and
Jesus Christ His son.
The faith in Christ, that overcomes the
world is a faith that sees eternal realities,
experiences God’s power and loves Christ to
such an extent that the world’s sinful pleasures,
secular values, ungodly ways and selfish
materialism not only lose their attraction
for you but also you in turn look on them
with strong feeling of disapproval, strong
dislike, grief and godly sorrow.
The Bible says “He who has an ear let him
hear what the
Spirit says, that he who wins
will eat from the tree
of life which is in
the midst of the paradise of God
" (Rev 2:7).
Evil did not just start today; it has been
existing since the fall of man at the Garden
of Eden and will continue to exist till the
second coming of Jesus Christ.
Joseph, David, Samuel, Esther, etc at one
point or the other overcomed the world around
them and in their time. You will surly win
in this generation.

· Determination to please God. David was said
to be a man after God’s heart (1Sam. 13:14).
· The fear of God, love for holiness and
righteousness and a deep seated hatred for
wickedness (Heb.1:9, Gen39:9).
· Absolute trust and dependence
on the Lord (Pro.3:5-6).
· A life of obedience, respect to
parents, guardians,leaders or people
in position of authority (Esther 2:20).
· Hard work, perseverance and devotion
to vocation,career or call in life (Gen 39:3).
· A prayerful life and a life sown in studying
and meditating on the Word of God (1 Josh 1:8).
· God’s divine presence, His grace and favour
make the life of victory and success easy.
· The anointing of God in the inside of you
and upon you (1John 2:20,27 Luke 4:18-19).

Beloved, the father through our Lord Jesus
Christ, has blessed us in the heavenly places
with every spiritual blessing in Christ. So
you can’t afford not to be the best God has
ordained for you.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


On my way back from church I received a phone call saying that my house was on fire. The door was broken but God sent an angel to quench the fire. The rag that caught fire was on the gas bottle but the gas pipe was not affected. I thank god for Divine Protection. Sr Marie

I did not menstruate for two months without a cause. For many years now since I became a child of God I not know what a man looks like. Thank God because He restored it without any pain or complication.
The roof of the room in which I was sleeping fell but God woke me up and I was not hurt. I thank God for Divine Protection. Sr Antoinette

God takes care of the little things that concern us. I want to thank God for Divine Provision. God gave me outing dresses and a watch. I did not even pray for them. Praise the Lord. Deaconness Ben

I started tithing in June and God saved me from overdraft. My business is also prospering. I thank God. Sr Vivian

I want to thank God for His protection over my son Jire. God granted me a safe delivery and saved my one day old baby from lomber puncture. Sr Gisèle

I want to thank God for Divine Protection. He saved me and my family (my wife, junior brother and mother) from a ghastly motor accident in which two tyres got burst and the vehicle turned over many times. Br Eugene

I want to thank God for Divine Protection. God protected my whole family from a fire disaster. From 9:00 pm to 3:30am the gas was burning but the house was not consumed and the food on the fire burnt just a bit. God also protected my car from a fire disaster. Sr Victorine

I want to thank God for Divine Promotion. I am a teacher by promotion but I have been appointed to work in the presidency. God has taken me from the class room to an air-conditioned office. It is not my qualification that took me there, only god could have done it for me. Sr Irene

I got a job as an Accountant. I deposited my application on Monday, was called to tell me to come for interview on Tuesday, went for the interview on Wednesday and started work on Thursday. I was told that I will receive my confirmation letter after three months but on Friday I received a confirmation letter that was appointing me as the Financial Director. My family that did not recognised me has been reunited with me. The pledge I made towards the building project of the church by faith can now be redeemed three times over. Praise the Lord. Br Alfred

I attended Prayer Meeting and the one who was leading prayer said God has given us a blank cheque and that we should all write the amounts we desired to have. I wrote down an amount. I also made a pledge towards the building project of the church and was wondering how I will redeem it. I deposited applications in six schools and then had the problem of which school to choose because God favoured me in all the schools. The school that I chose is paying me the exact amount that I wrote on the blank cheque from God. I give God all the praise. Sr Briget