Thursday, November 30, 2006


I prayed on the prophecy for breakthrough and God has enlarged our coast. We have entered our Ultimate Breakthrough. God blessed us North, South, East and West. Sr Gisèle

I was playing football and my feet were injured. But during the Healing and Miracle Service on Thursday, God healed me of all pain. Br Ezekiel

I want to thank God for delivering me from alcohol. God taught me tithing and pledging and I am faithful. I redeemed my pledge and God has done a miracle in my life. God gave me 3 passports and 4 visas at once. We are now American citizens. Br Kennedy

I want to thank God for Divine favour and His faithfulness. God gave me 50,000 FCFA for my school fees after I redeemed my pledge. Br Edwin

I was having nightmares and God led me to touch Daddy E.A Adeboye,s picture and I received my deliverance. Sr Vivian

I want to thank God for His favour. He granted me favour and breakdown a conspiracy against me and promoted me in my place of work. I have been admited into a Committee put in place to restructure CRTV.
I alo want to thank God for healing me. I was suffering from ASLO. It is a dangerous disease and I was supposed to undergo a treatment for 8 months that will cost me 825,000 FCFA. But I went to the Hospital on Sturday 24 September 2006 and the test result was negative.Br Ezekiel

I want to thank God for Divine provision and also for His faithfulness. The building contractor gave us a bill of 2.4 million FCFA for the purchase of material for work on the project and we had only 1.3 million FCFA. I received a phone call asking me to go and collect 1 million FCA for the project. I thank God for saving me from embarrassment. Ps Isaac

I want to thank God for His favour. I put money into a bsuiness I was doing with friends and things seemed not to be working and I became discouraged. My friends called me and told me the difficulties they were going through . Just as I was about to tell them that we should close up the business, they called me to say that God had blessed the business with 1 million FCFA. Deacon Thomas

I want to thank God for healing me. I came to the Healing and Miracle Service for the month of September with pain all over my body. But as I began to worship and praise the Lord, all the pain disappeared. I give Him all the glory. Sr Victorine

I want to thank God for the excellent messages and counselling that I have received in RCCG through the Youth Convention, the Singles Breakthrough Summit, the Sunday and the Weekly Meetings. These have all greatly changed my life. Sr Gisèle

I want to thank God for deliverance. I was delivered from a cocain injection I took while as a military man. Br Elijah

I want to thank God for his delivrance upon my life. After a Thursday praying meeting, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw millipedes moving on my head and I was pulling them and throwing them away. Jer.1:11. My head that used to pain has stopped paining.
God opened my eyes again after the Communion Service during which a message on the Marks of Christ were preached. I saw a boiling hole in my palm (meaning that anything that came into the palm was swallowed by the hole). I thank the Lord for His mighty delivrance in my life. Sr Mbange

Monday, November 27, 2006


In Genesis Chapter One, When God carried out the first project, He completed it before He rested. That's why I know God cannot abandon you. All the INPUT He needs to put in you for you to be what He wants you to be will be done before the end of this year.

When the Lord conceived you as His PROJECT, He assembled materials to use to bring you to success because His focus about you is SUCCESS, THE VERY BEST.

Pause a bit and talk to youself as you declare this "My affair is of Prime Importance to God. So I shall not be abandoned!" Be rest assured that every hidden treasure that is meant for you for this year will come into Physical Manifestation in Jesus' name. God will add value to your life as His breath comes upon you and you will live.

There are some Ingredients you need in order to become of Prime Importance to God:

(i) A Decalration of Faith: This will make God to be involved in your affairs the remaining days of this year with utmost priority. It doesn't matter what PIT you are in now. You are coming out. Can you just make this declaration of faith with me as you see yourself coming out of the PIT. Say with me "I am coming out of the pit for Jesus came out of the grave".

(ii) Be Ready To Die TO Self: Tell the devil it doesn't make a bit of difference to me what what you are doing for in it God is still my God.

(iii) Know God: You need revelation and for you to ge this, you need to know God (Philippians.3:10). How do you know Him? This will be achieved by studying and meditating on the Word of God (Joshua 1:8).

It is never over until God says it is over. Your own case will not be too difficult for God to do.

Be blessed and highly favoured in Jesus' name. Amen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


In Galatians 6:17, Brother Paul says “Henceforth let nobody trouble me for I bear the marks of the Lord in my body”.

What is a mark? It is a visible impression on a surface. It also means a sign of identification.

It is worth noting that the mark you bear on you determines what comes to you.

In the name of Jesus in this season you shall be marked with favour, goodness, mercy and all round blessing. The remaining days of this year will be marked for you with peace.

In Exodus 12:12-13 the Lord says He will pass over the Israelites and He will not destroy them because of the sign (or mark) of the Blood of Jesus they have on their door frames. Beloved, mark your life and family with the Blood of Jesus so that you will be protected and preserved. Evil will pass over you in Jesus’ name.

In Job 1:10, God put a hedge around Job. That will be your portion in Jesus’ name. He shall build a wall of fire round about you.

The favour of the Lord upon your life will enhance your enjoying life to the fullest.

Angels, goodness and mercy will be your guard during the in the days of this year. Every evil hand writing on you shall be wiped off by the mark of the Blood of Jesus. Beloved, choose to believe God’s word and it shall be well with you.

The flag and banner of God will remain with you throughout the remaining days of the year.

Pray this prayer alongside with me: “I immerse myself in the pool of the Blood of Jesus for my preservation.

Have a glorious time.

God bless you.


The year 2006 is fast running to a close. So many people are weeping. Why? This is as a result of what they are going through in their homes, job sides, ministry, calling, and in their life as a whole.

This is good news for you, no matter what may be your own reason for shedding tears. The Almighty God says “DRY YOUR TEARS”. He always says what He means and that which He’s able to accomplish. So what you are going through in form of beatings, challenges, denials is for your GREATNESS. In fact, they are stepping stones for you to make it in life.

Every negative thing planned against you is going to work in your favour. Remember Daniel in the lions’ den, Joseph in all the challenges and Mordecai in the hand of Hamaan. In each case, the situation worked in their favour. Why am I so sure? In Exodus 3:6-8, the Lord told the Israelites in Egypt that He had heard their cry, the pleas they raised to Him due to their hard situation. And so God is seeing your misery. And in verse 8 He has come down to rescue you from the hands of the task masters and He is committed to give you the very best.

Can you please confess this phrase 7 times knowing that 7 is the number of perfection: “I am coming out of ordeals, denials, beatings, hardships, etc.” By your confession you shall possess.

Instead of crying, the Lord says in Philippians 4:4Rejoice in the Lord always”. For help is coming for you from above. As long as Satan cannot break God’s covenant with the sun to prevent it from rising every morning, then it is evident that your joy will surely come. God’s counsel for your life shall be fulfilled.

Can you please sing this song with me and turn it into a prayer for you and your family at this time of the year?

He has given me the oil of gladness

A garment of praise instead of mourning

And a shinning crown instead of ashes

He gave me peace in place of Despair.

We love you so much and we desire the best for you.

Have a great time.

God bless you!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


  This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, Not by
might not by power, but by my spirit says the Lord of
hosts; who are you, O Great Mountain? Before
Zerubbabel you shall become a plain! And he shall
bring forth the capstone, with shouts of Grace, grace
to it.” (Zech 4:6-7).

In life challenges must surely come whether you like
it or not, whether you are living right or not. There
will always be one thing or the other at certain stages
of your life that will compete in a fight with you or
come to contest the dream, vision or goal of your

Since the devil was cast from heaven to earth, he has
been contesting with man to try and gain full
possession of him and the fullness of the earth. When
you become a child of God, you escape from the firm
grip of Satan but the devil will always come to you to
call into question the lawfulness or rightness of your
person in relation to God, His purpose for your life
and the manifold blessings He has earmarked for you
here on earth.

Challenges are mountains of life that stand in
opposition to progress in life. The purpose of a
mountain is not to stop you if you are on the Lord's
side but to proof to the devil and his cohort what
stuff you are made of and to proof the Sovereignty and
the almightiness of God on your behalf to help, save
and deliver in times of trouble.

Challenges come to individuals in diverse ways: to some
it is unemployment, late marriage, poverty, failures,
loneliness, persecution, rejection, abuse, habitual
sin, enemies from far or near and at times outright
demonic or satanic attacks.

God is aware of your mountain or challenges before the
challenges come up, God the challenger has been,and
before the mountain of your problems was formed, He
is. “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever
you had formed the earth and the world, even from
everlasting to everlasting you are God.” (Psalms 90:2)

God Almighty knows the genesis of your problem and is
more than able to bring it to an end or turn it around
for your good. Challenges have always been an arena to
prove you and your God right, to test your ability so
that you can be promoted. That you will overcome every
challenge of life is a settled matter as far as God is
concerned. You are born to overcome challenges, be on
top and over the top of mountains.
“The scripture says: For what is born of God overcomes
the world, and this is the victory that has overcome
the world-our faith.” (1John 5:4).
“What then shall we say to those things? If God is for
us, who can be against us” (Romans 8:31).
God knows your past as past, the present as present
and the future as future, so you can be confident that
He will surely see you through what ever challenge
comes your way.
The bigger your challenges are, the greater the glory,
testimony, promotion and the reward.
David was just anointed as king over Israel by Samuel
(1 Samuel 6:13), why He was being anointed the devil
as used by God in this case was getting ready to
launch David from obscurity to stardom, from the
bottom valley to the mountain top. See God turning
your adversary and challenge as a launching pad to
your promotion and being.
Goliath challenge to David and His God was the
launching pad that brought him into the limelight, so
get ready to turn your adversity around
There are basic things you need to do to turn your
challenge around:-

· Know what the challenge is and have faith in
God'sunfailing ability to move away or level your
mountain Mark 11:22-23.
· Have a right attitude to challenge or obstacle
knowing fully well that all things work together for
good for those that love God and are called according
to His purpose Roman 8:28.
· Search out by seeking the truth that address your
challenge and it shall surely move Mark 11:23.
· Let no root of bitterness, animosity, hatred,
murmuring and complain be found in you Matthew 15:35
· Fast and Pray Matthew 17:20
· Be joyful and offer the Lord high praise and your
challenges shall be turn to testimony because of God’s
intervention Psalm 149:7-9 2 Chronicles 20:20