Friday, March 30, 2007


Proclaim this among the nations, “prepare for war! Wake up the mighty men. Let all the men of war draw near. Let them come up. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weak say; I am strong”” (Joel 3:9-10)

God through His redemptive package in Christ has positioned every child of God (believers) above the world and all its sinful nature. Jesus Christ made us victorious through the power of the cross positionally. The finished work of the cross of Calvary is real. Jesus Christ took away your sin, destroyed the seed of sin, cancelled everything that is against and opposed to you, including principalities, powers and rulers of this dark world.

The sinful nature which is an enemy to God was dealt with on the cross of Calvary. “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil. Whoever has been born of God does not sin for His seed remains in him and he cannot sin because he has been born of God.” (I John 3:8-9). The seed of God in you is an immunization against the Satan Induced Nature (SIN). God’s seed in you, if you are truly born again, is powerful enough to fight against sin so that sin no longer has dominion over you. Sin no longer becomes a habit in your life.

Jesus Christ said we should wrestle with sin even to the point of shedding blood, because sin will take us out of God’s Kingdom and all of its blessings, now and even eternally. So you need to be violent or forceful against sin.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by Force” (Matt.11:12) A child of God should be committed to breaking away from the sinful practices of the human race and turn to Christ, His word and righteous judgement; no matter what the cost may be. We should vigorously seek the kingdom in all its power, in other words experiencing the kingdom of heaven and all its blessings. This calls for constant exertion - a fight of faith accompanied by a strong will to resist Satan, sin and often corrupt society. God by the Holy Spirit has given to us the exceeding greatness of His power according to the working of His mighty power to be overcomers, winners, prosperous and successful people here on earth regardless of the activities of Satan and his agents.

The challenge to the church today is to turn from being defensive against the Devil to becoming offensive against the Devil so that what the he has deceitfully taken from us could be recovered and restored.

God’s stand for us is to rule and reign as Kings and priest here on earth. However you and I are challenged to put on the full armour of God, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might and stand against the wiles of the Devil. Pray always with all prayers and supplications in the spirit and being watchful to the end with all perseverance.

There is a restoration of God’s glory, power and blessing that God has ordained for his church (you) this season. Join the battle of the Lord. There are battles to be fought, enemies to be displayed and destroyed, do not compromise, do not be lukewarm, arm yourself for battle and go before the Lord of Host.

God desires to execute judgement on the wicked and the nations that are opposed to His plans and purpose. Your harvest is to be restored as the activities of the enemy is brought to an end. God’s blessings are coming to you in dual ways: negatively by destroying their enemies and positively by giving you all good things.

Prayer Points:

1. Lord, command your strength and power on me; strengthen what you have done for me.

2. Bring me out of any bondage or limitation into great prosperity.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I was sick. My legs were swollen and my body was heavy. I thank God for healing me. On Thursday 22nd March 2007 as I was driving a girl was infront of me and distracting me. Before I knew it, a big bus was driving straight into me and I shouted the name JESUS and the bus immediately stopped. I thank God for saving my life. Sr Irene

I want to thank the Lord for delivering me from the hands of thieves. I was attacked by two thieves. They wanted to stab me me with their knives but as I shouted the name JESUS, they fled from me. Sr Rose

I want to thank God for provision. We came to Yaoundé and found a house which was not very good. We set out looking for another one and everywhere they were asking for 12 months' rent but a little child showed me a beautiful SIC house, which already has some furniture in it and I was asked to give whatever I have as rent. God has anwsered my prayers during the February 2007 28 day fasting period. Br Emmanuel

I want to thank God for His healing power. The Pastor prayed for my mother who was suffering from arthrities in her hand and she was healed. The witchdoctors she had been visiting could not heal her. I thank God for revealing Himself to her. Sr Prudence

I want to thank God for His protection. In 2006 God delivered my son from a deadly accident. This year again during the first week of March 2007, he hit the same leg while playing ball but God made a way while he was in the hospital. I have also known God's favour in my business this year. God also protected me from a fire accident. I left a pot on the gas and forgot, but God kept my house till I came back by 9:00pm in the night. I give Him all the praise. Sr Lucia.

I want to thank God for healing me. About 3 years ago God healed me from a growth which disappeared after I was prayed for. But recently I felt the pain again and it was discovered that the growth had come back. But I thank God for healing me as I held unto Him in prayer. I have done 3 ecographies and there is no trace of it. Sr Flora.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It’s a new season for you. A season of Favour, Mercy, Grace down loaded unto you from heaven. This month, beloved readers don’t let whatever you are going through hinder where you are going to. It’s your season of favour and you cannot be denied. (Psalms102:13). Expect a sudden move of God within and without in every aspect of your life this month. (Malachi 3:1, Isaiah 45:1-3).

In Genesis 30:25-43, Jacob by revelation understood that the riches of Laban will be transferred to him. He had laboured for 14 good years for the TASK MASTER, Laban before this time with nothing to show for it. But the favour of God came upon him and in verse 43 the Bible says Jacob increased rapidly and he became very wealthy. This month I declare concerning you by the power and authority in the name of Jesus that you will increase rapidly all round about your life and you’ll equally become very wealthy. You shall experience accelerated promotion.

The Lord that stepped into Hannah’s situation and rolled off her reproach will step into your life and situation by His favour and enhance your desired change in Jesus’ name. Because of God’s favour upon your life this month, something good you have been waiting for, I see it happening for you. You shall receive Angelic visitation and you’ll be moved into the next level. Make this confession with me by faith “I am receiving an incredible and irrevocable blessing and miracle this month”.

Without doubt pray these two prayer points and the favour of God will locate you.

1. Lord, grant me the grace to see with the eye of faith, the invisible.

2. Set me in motion for an all-round unusual breakthrough and let it be noticeable.

God bless you as you move from crawling to flying above every storm like the Royal eagle.

Let your OBEDIENCE be complete and grow in worshipping and praising your Maker.